The 「DX HumaGear Module」 that the AI Robot “HumaGear” was wearing in 「Kamen Rider Zero-One」 will become a product as a toy. It can be pre-ordered from now until Nov. 25, 2019 through the “Premium Bandai” website.

This item, 「DX HumaGear Module」, has two modes, which are the normal mode and the MetsubouJinrai mode, and a total of more than 40 types of lines and voices from the show were recorded.

When the switch is in the normal mode, by pressing the button, you will be able to hear the secretary AI assistant “HumaGear”, Izu’s (portrayed by Tsurushima Noa) line such as, ” I’m the secretary, Izu.” or “As expected of President Aruto!”etc.. You can also hear the conversation between the protagonist, Hiden Aruto (portrayed by Takahashi Fumiya) and Izu such as, “(Hiden:) Humans cannot live if they are not spiritually supported. That’s where the AI come in. In other words, it’s LOVE! That’s right…. it’s LOVE! ” “(Izu:) Um… love…. LOVE….okay! If it’s not Aruto! “etc. When the mode is switched to the MetsubouJinrai mode, as a start up, you will immediately hear, ” Your job is… to exterminate all the humans.”etc. which is voiced by Jin of the terrorist group,, (portrayed by Nakagawa Daisuke) .

On the left side of the headset, you can choose to turn on the LED mode. The LED is blue for the normal mode and it will turn red for the MetsubouJinrai mode as if the MetsubouJinrai had turn the “HumaGear” into Magia.

In order to immerse yourself in the role, 「HumaGear Body Seal」, which has the same design as the code that is printed on the “HumaGear” body, will come along with this item.

The price for 「DX HumaGear Module」 is 5,280JPY (tax included/delivery and misc. fee excluded). It can be pre-ordered from now until Nov. 25, 2019 through the “Premium Bandai” website and it estimated to be delivered in March 2020.

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