From the HIPHOP media mix project “Paradox Live”, a full length music video of the song “BaNG !!!” sung by “BAE”, one of the teams in the story, was released on YouTube.
At the same time, we received comments from cast members such as Kajiwara Gakuto who plays BAE’s Sugasano Allen, Murase Ayumu who plays Yeon Hajun, and 96neko who plays Anne Faulkner.

“Paradox Live” is set in the near future of Japan and depicts the four popular bands “BAE”, “The Cat’s Whiskers”, “cozmez”, and “Akan Yatsura” as they compete in the stage battle that is HIPHOP media mix project to win No.1.
The 14 rappers that belong to the four bands include the 12 voice actors Kajiwara Gakuto, Murase Ayumu, Takeuchi Ryota , Hayashi Yuu, Hanae Natsuki, Terashima Junta , Kobayashi Yuusuke, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Kondou Takayuki, Toki Shunichi, Hatanaka Tasuku, Yano Shougo and the singers 96neko and Shima.

This time, the “Next Generation Charisma 3 person Unit” BAE’s music video was also released.
In the first CD recorded on the “Paradox Live Opening Show” each band had the theme of introducing themselves.“BaNG !!!” is a three man group attending the same private international university:the quarter Russian and HIPHOP geek, Sugasano Allen, the sadistic handsome Korean with a gentle smile, Yeon Hajun, and the half Japanese half English cross dresser working as a hostess, Anne Faulkner, Miss Kyaba, coordinate together to produce great performances.

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“BaNG !!!” is a number that depicts self-expression freely from the perspective of the world-wide background, without being bound by a framework. One of the highlights is the rap battle of Kajiwara Gakuto and Murase Ayumu, both of whom have the background of living overseas and being fluent in English, and the melodies sung by 96neko who uses a variety of voices when he sings.

“Paradox Live”’s 1st CD “Paradox Live Opening Show” will be released on Feb. 12, 2020. Music videos of songs sung by teams other than BAE will also be released .

<The following comments are posted in full>
【Kajiwara Gakuto(Sugasano Allen)】
This was the first song I sang as a member of BAE, but the colors of the three people were so dark and well mixed together that you would believe it was the first time. When I was able to listen to the finished song, it gave me goose bumps all over. (haha)
If you listen to it in full scale, I think you will be able to understand, but it is a composition that you will never get bored of!
Please enjoy the dope world of BAE.

【Murase Ayumu(Yeon Hajun)】
It was the first time for me to try a Hip-hop song, and I was impressed by the fact that there are many places that are used in
theatrical performances, such as how you talk and memes that you would not understand unless you tried them.
In addition to being directed carefully, the music is also very cool so I’m really looking forward to you all being able to listen to it.

【96neko (Anne Faulkner)】
I play Ann Faulkner the cross dressing hostess in BAE.
The song I sang this time, “BaNG !!!” is a really nice song that is full of the coolness and personality of BAE!
I tried my hardest to seem cool like anZ when I sang and not to sing to much like either a man or a woman.
I loved the rap that 48 and SUZAKU sang together!
Please listen to it many times yourself, try to remember it so you can sing it yourself♪

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