“Paradox Live TV #2”, a regular program of “Paradox Live”, is scheduled to be exclusively broadcast on ABEMA from Jun. 27. Shima, Yano Shougo, Terashima Junta, and others will be appearing on the show, along with the announcement of the results of “Paradox Live Stage Battle 'JUSTICE'”.

“Paradox Live” is a HIP-HOP media mix project set in Japan in the near future. It features four popular teams that fight each other through rap battles to gain the title of the best music team.

The second installment of “Paradox Live TV #2” will feature Takeuchi Ryouta (voice of Saimon Naoakira) and Terashima Junta (voice of Andou Shiki) from the noble, solitary, and talented four-people unit “The Cat's Whiskers”, along with Kondou Takayuki (voice of Suiseki Iori) and Shima (voice of Gahou Zen) from the tight-knit five-people unit “Akan Yatsura”.

In addition to the talk session, where the splendid cast members will introduce the charming points of this work, the results of the 2nd battle “JUSTICE” between “The Cat's Whiskers” and “Akan Yatsura” will be announced as well.

“Paradox Live TV #2” is set to be live-streamed exclusively on ABEMA from 8:00 p.m. on Jun. 27.

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