The January issue of the magazine Animedia was shipped on Dec. 10 with the illustration “Akudama Drive X Danganronpa 10th ANNIVERSARY”on the cover. It starts with a special report in the opening pages, and “Paradox Live” featured on the back cover.

The magazine features a celebratory Illustration by Komatsuzaki Rui titled “Akudama Drive X Danganronpa 10th ANNIVERSARY”, used on the cover, and a special report for the opening page titled “Hikari to Kage ga Shissou suru Sekai ni Crazy for you!” (Crazy for you in a world where light and shadows race).

From the media mix project “Paradox Live”, the 4 members of The Cat’s Whisker are featured on the back cover. An interview between Takeuchi Ryota and Terajima Junta was also featured.

The column “Mo~tto Shiritai! Oshougatsu Tettei Chousa~Toshi no Hajime ni Dou Sugosu?~”(I wanna know more! New Year’s Thorough Survey ~How Will You Spend It?~) focuses on the franchises “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle “, “Mewkledreamy”, “The Day I Became a God”, “D4DJ First Mix”, and “A3! Season Autumn & Winter”. While “Kirameiki Ilumi Kyuu! Fuyu Koso Kagayaku Girapika ☆ Cool STAR” (Twinkle Illumination! Shiny and Sparkly Cool STAR that Glitters in Winter) puts on the spot voice actors and artists from”Osomatsu-san”, “Pokemon”, “Moriarty the Patriot”, and “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

“Animedia” January issue released in Dec. 10 is priced at 973JPY (tax excluded)