The HIPHOP media mix project “Paradox Live”, where 12 voice actors such as Kajiwara Gakuto, Hanae Natsuki, Murase Ayumu, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, and the ‘singer’, 96neko and Shima will be participating as well. The casts that will be performing as the rapper, the main visual, and the PV were released together, and the first CD “Paradox Live Opening Show” was also decided to be released on Feb. 12, 2020.

“Paradox Live” is the HIPHOP media mix project set in the near future where the “phantom concert” newly born from the HIPHOP culture has become a movement.

The story unfold when the four teams, “BAE”, “The Cat’s Whiskers”, “cozmez”, and “Akan Yatsura”, received invitation to the mysterious competition, “Paradox Live” where they will need to devote themselves to the phantom stage battle surge with enthusiasm.

The 14 casts that will be acting as the rappers from the four teams are Kajiwara Gakuto, Murase Ayumu, Takeuchi Ryota, Hayashi Yuu, Hanae Natsuki, Terashima Junta, Kobayashi Yuusuke, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Kondo Takayuki, Toki Junichi, Hatanaka Tasuku, Yano Shougo which is a group of 12 voice actors which are talented in singing and acting..
In addition to this, 96neko, who is an extremely popular singer, and Shima, who belongs to the four person singer unit, “Urashima Sakata Sen” where the tickets for their concert in Japan Budokan was completely sold out are also listed.

Moreover, the character designs will be performed by four illustrators who receive passionate supports from women.
The new generation charismatic trio with unique personality, “BAE” is illustrated by Aki Akane.
The noble and solitary talent group, “The Cat’s Whiskers” is illustrated by Komiyama Kuniharu, the downer type twins who were borned in the slum concerned by the society, “cozmez” is illustratedby Kinako, and the manga artist, Harada is responsible for the five person gang who had a strong unity, “Akan Yatsura”.

The first CD “Paradox Live Opening Show”, which will be released on Feb. 12, 2020, will include the songs that each team will perform at the opening show of “Paradox Live” and a voice drama depicting the rappers facing the battle.

You can listen to a part of the songs on the PV, which was released this time, so let’s listen carefully.

In the future, “Paradox Live” will have an interactive development where the winner of the stage battle is determined by the support points of the users.