Tsuburaya Production and Marvel Entertainment announced that they collaborate on creation of the new story of "Ultraman" through a comic book. This was announced in ongoing "Tokyo Comicon 2019", and the collaboration comic book is scheduled to be sold in 2020.

"Ultraman" is loved by many fans, and its stories has been turned into various types of media, such as TV, movies, and comics books since 1966.
While "Ultraman"has become worldwide trend, an excitement and pleasure the fans felt when "Ultraman" started in Showa are easily memorable.
This collaboration represents the era of "Ultraman", and Marvel will expand the work with their art and and story.

The story and the production team of "Ultraman" collaboration comic book will be announced later. Further information will be announced on the official website of Tsuburaya Production and Marvel Entertainment.

<Full comments are listed below>
【C.B.Cebulski, the chief editor of Marvel Comics】
"Ultraman" has been creating the most passionate fans in today's pop culture filed, as one of the most popular franchise. (Throughout this project), I am excited to deliver the new story to many many fans.
"Ultraman" has fascinated many fans from various ages with a grand story with a stage set in real life, like Marvel.
That became classic and "Ultraman" is loved in the form of TV shows, movies, toys, video games, comic books and etc. I am excited to show the new story of "Ultraman" next year!

【Tsukagoshi Takayuki, Chief Executive Ofiicer of Tsuburaya Production Inc. 】
It is my pleasure to announce a collaboration with Marvel, which provided long-loved characters and stories and leads the field of entertainment over 80 years.
I am very excited to develop a new story of "Ultraman" with Marvel, and deliver it to both Marvel and "Ultraman" fans. Please look forward to it!