The official comment from Kaji Yuki, who plays the role of a rookie inspector called Shindo Arata from TV animation “PSYCHO-PASS 3” has arrived.
Starting off with the appeal of “PSYCHO-PASS 3”,Kaji commented on the reformed members of Division 1 of the Criminal Investigation Department and how the scene where his character first booted up the dominator impressed him.

“PSYCHO-PASS 3” is the latest installment in the series of “PSYCHO-PASS” which follows a police sector set in a neo-futuristic society where human mentality is quantified.
“PSYCHO-PASS 3″‘s cast includes Kaji Yuki as Shindo Arata, Nakamura Yuichi as Kei Mikhail Ignatov, Sakurai Takahiro as Hinakawa Sho, Otsuka Akio as Todoroki Tenma, Suwabe Junichi as Irie Kazumichi, Nazuka Kaori as Kisaragi Mao, Sawashiro Miyuki as Karanomori Shion and Sakura Ayane as Shimotsuki Mika.

TV animation “PSYCHO-PASS 3” is aired on Noitamina channel in Fuji Television on Thursdays.

【Official Comment from Kaji Yuki, who plays Shindo Arata】
ーWhat do you think about “PSYCHO-PASS” series, which has branched out from TV animation to movies and stage performances since 2012? Also, what is impressive about the series?

“The work highlights good things about new anime, following Noitama’s concept. Whether it is the present or the future live action or anime, reality or fiction. It makes people think in various ways.

ーWhat impression did you get when the members of Division 1 of Criminal Investigation Department was changed?

“By changing the stand point and perspective, there were many things that I could see for the first time. I was happy when I saw characters making an appearance from past series and experiencing the growth of the characters after watching the movieand.”

ーWhat is an important thing for you when playing Shindo Arata’s role?

“The partnership with Kei is very special. There were certain sides of Arata that could only be shown to Kei, his childhood friend. So, when Arata talks to Kei, I really take into consideration the distance with Kei and some risks to step in deeply.”

ーPlease describe the Division 1 of Crime Investigation Department.

“I laughed when I read the script for the first time because the characters were so unique. But it is also so nice to see those unique characters comingbecoming together step by step. The relationship will become stronger when the characters start to show negativeaspects aspect of themselves and support each other for what they are not so good at.”

ーPlease tell me about the scene that you felt embodied “PSYCHO-PASS”

“I was impressed when I saw the scene of starting up the dominator for the first time. At the same time, I hoped that they did not have to use it.At the same time, I hoped not to see the scene to use the dominator. I was also excited to see the conversation between Kougami and Bennoza. I was very nervous but also impressedI was very nervous but also impressive.”

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