Last time, Anime! Anime! presented the second part of the interview project with the original author and editor of “Isekai (Fantasy) Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”, which also won 1st place in the Access ranking!

This time, it is an interview with Tsurusaki Yuu, who is in charge of the story of this work, a.k.a. “Ojiisan Fa Bimeiku”, and we talked about its “distorted nature” and “interesting because the setting is crazy”!

This work is an original manga serialized in the manga app “Cycomics” operated by “Cygames”, which has been producing hit titles such as “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”.

This manga has some harsh words in the title, but with the support of enthusiastic fans, this popular title received an anime adaptation only after a year and a half after the serialization has been started!

We will approach the original author’s thoughts on animation and ambitions at the time of planning the popular “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”!

“I’m glad” that an anime adaptation has been decided and “I think my nature was recognized by the world.”
――First of all, please tell us your feelings when an anime adaptation has been decided.

Tsurusaki: To be honest, “relieved” is the best. Actually, there was a discussion about animating my other manga before, but in the end, it got stuck…

When I heard from the editor in charge that “An anime project has been brought in” this time, I wasn’t expecting much because it might be posh again at first.

Then, from the place when it was said “The probability of the release os about 30%”, it gradually increased to 50% and 70%, and finally, the animation has been announced.

At the time of the cast audition, when I heard how voice actors read their lines, I was very embarrassed, but I finally realized it little by little (laughs).

――At the beginning of the series, it was commented that “I want to distort someone’s nature”, but now that the animation has been announced, has that ambition come true?

Tsurusaki: Certainly, I thought “I want to distort someone’s nature” (laughs).

* Episode 1 Author’s comment

The niche work “A slapstick romantic comedy of a 32-year-old adult man who incarnates the body of a beautiful girl in a different world and his best friend, a 32-year-old classmate who is an ideal man in glasses” has reached the point of an anime adaptation. I’m starting to think, “Wasn’t it the goal?” (Laughs)

――Certainly, even now when the cast has not been announced (at the time of the interview), considering that there are more than 2000 followers on the official account, it may be distorting the nature of quite a lot of people.

“Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” is “The story of the heroes of the same generation sent by the team of the same generation.”
――This time, let’s talk about the outline of “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”. The main characters, Tachibana and Jinguji, are 32 years old, so why did you set this age?

Tsurusaki: Actually, since I’m about the same age when characters talk, it’s easiest to imagine what they are talking about because I’m the same age myself.

By the way, Ikezawa-san, the illustrator, and Ada-san, the editor in charge, are all of the same age. Perhaps because it is made by such a team of the same generation, it seems that the fans of “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” are also that old.

And in fact, the background of people who are in charge of the manga and people who are in charge of the anime “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” are of the same generation (laughs).

――It really feels like a story of the main characters of the same generation by a team of the same generation! Speaking of settings, this work is quite unique among isekai titles, so please tell us the story about how this project was born!

Tsurusaki: When I was discussing a new project with the editor in charge, I was asked, “Is there something in an isekai genre?”

Speaking of genres, “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” is a romantic comedy, but I think I would never have released it if I was told, “Please give me a romantic comedy” (laughs).

However, at first, I was reluctant to edit. When I was asked “Are there any catchphrases?”, and said, “Well… a beautiful girl in a different world, old man…?”

Since then, it has been serialized, and thanks to everyone, it has been well received from the beginning, but since there is no precedent for other works in terms of such setting, it is not possible to refer to something as a model. So I am experiencing the pain creating every chapter.

――Please tell us if there is a character set that Tsurusaki-san thought about, or if there is a character that behaves differently than originally expected!

Tsurusaki: Well, as for the creating process, Tachibana is a character that many people, including myself, can easily empathize with, and Jinguji is a character that no one can empathize with.

The character who made unexpected movements is Shuba-kun. Originally I intended to make him an underdog, but on the contrary, he has become a puppy character-like, energetic Wanwan (laughs).

It wasn’t like that in the initial assumption. But it’s easy to move and I’ve grown more than I expected.

On the contrary, it is Lu (the head of the elves) who does not change.

My dream, when I was in elementary school, was to be a “manga artist”, and when I realized it, I became an anime author together with my spouse.
――This time, I would like to ask you a little more private part. Tsurusaki-sensei, did you originally like anime?

Tsurusaki: Well, I’ve always liked anime. My parents used to play NES when I was a child, so I played games all the time. From there, I was derived between manga and anime. When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a manga artist.

――In terms of anime, what kind of work do you like?

Tsurusaki: After all, “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is the best. Also, my personal favorites are “Haibane Renmei”, “Cowboy Bebop”, and “Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection”. Recently, I also like season 1 of the anime “Rage of Bahamut”!

――Tsurusaki-sensei, who loves such masterpiece anime titles, can become the original anime author! By the way, what kind of encounter did you have with Ikezawa-sensei, who is in charge of drawing “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”?

Tsurusaki: Actually, Ikezawa-sensei and I were classmates at the vocational school. I’ve loved Ikezawa-sensei’s paintings since that time, and in a nutshell, the 3D effect was fascinating. Do you say that there is a vividness of standing in the world of the painting?

I was aiming for a picture of that kind of style, but couldn’t reach it. In that sense, I longed for it.

I also like Ikezawa-sensei’s paintings, but I simply fell in love with Ikezawa-sensei when I was a student… Then he confessed and we started dating, and now we are writing manga as a married couple.

――You two are a married couple! It’s wonderful to be anime authors as a couple now because of your relationship since you were students! Is there any scene you are looking forward to about the anime adaptation of “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” made by these two people?

Tsurusaki: Speaking of fun scenes, there is a scene where Jinguji says a long line in the part recorded in the 5th volume of the comic, but I’m really looking forward to how it will be animated

I’m also looking forward to seeing what the OP and ED will look like!

The next goals are “Season 2, animated movie, game!”
――The serialization by Cycomics has been announced, and the anime adaptation will be released. What is your next goal?

Tsurusaki: After all, it is about “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” receiving season 2 of anime and an animated movie.

I’m wondering if there will be a game after that. There aren’t enough characters for “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” alone, so I wonder if we can collaborate with other works by connecting with Cygames!

――Finally, please give a message to your fans!

Tsurusaki: Thank you for your continued support!

――Thank you very much!


“Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to” is on the manga app “Cycomics”. Comics 1 to 4 volumes are also on sale. Volume 5 has been released on October 18.

Information about anime is being posted on official Twitter at any time. PV, teaser visual, main cast, etc. are released at 08:00 P.M. on October 18.

You can also read one volume of comics for free just now. If you are interested in this article, download the app. In that case, please check the comments of the fans!

Please also enjoy the article about “animation strategy” by Mr. Ada, who is in charge of editing the previous “Uncle Fa Bimeiku”.

The final next time will be an interview with IkezawaShin, who is in charge of drawing “Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to”! Please look forward to this too! !!