The first single live show by Saito Shuka “Shulive’2019: How to Tie Up Shoelaces” was announced Nov. 7, 2019. During a live, the MC announced that the tour will start in Osaka in March, 2020, and continue in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Saito acts as Watanabe You in “Love Live! Sunshine!!” and performs in the school idol group Aqours. She had her long-awaited major solo debut with Sacra Music in August, 2019, and kept developing her prowess in anime opening themes, live shows, and much more.

At the first single solo live for her, “Shulive’2019: How to Tie Up Shoelaces” a new tour was announced. Saito’s heartfelt reaction was, “I’m happy I was able to make a promise to play with everyone more,” and she shared her joy with the audience.

The new “Shulive’2020 Toumeihan Zepp Tour” will take place in Zepp Osaka Bayside on Mar. 8, 2020, Zepp Nagoya on Mar. 18, and Zepp Tokyo on Mar. 21. Ticket preorders are available at the fan club site “Shukaland” until Nov. 12, 2019.