A special advanced screening of 「Gundam Reconguista in G: Ike! Core Fighter (Go! Core Fighter) The Movie」 was held at National Film Archive of Japan Tokyo during the opening of the 41st Pia Film Festival (PFF) on Sep. 14.

During the talk show after the screening had ended, general director Tomino Yoshiyuki and PFF director Araki Keiko went on stage. Facing the young boys and girls in the audience, general director Tomino talked about the work he has put his heart into “I created the story of Bellri and Aida wanting children to think about future issues” in response to a question he was asked.

Director Tomino commented about his work being screened at PFF “I was surprised and shocked that I was called on this occasion. I wouldn’t have thought that the giant robot animation work 「Gundam Reconguista in G」 would be screened here. But it really is obvious isn’t it? (laughs). It’s been 25 years too late (laughs)”.
He added, reminiscing “I might not understand people now who popularize anime, but I spent 50 years saying Anime are not films. That is why in the world of films, there is nothing but bitterness. But it is because of this bitterness that we could be where we are today”.

He introduced 「Gundam Reconguista in G: Ike! Core Fighter (Go! Core Fighter) The Movie」 “We put together 5 films to make up for the limitations in the TV version. So the final ending will be the same as the TV version but the road leading up will be entirely different”.
He was also well aware of the unsuccessful TV script that was used In the TV version and also referenced a scene “we left out the most important stories of Bellri and Aida. She was someone who fell in love at first sight, but the relationship ended with her lover killed by Bellri. We left out the scene where that showed their reaction when they realized that they were brother and sister”.

He commented again about his passion in his work “I want to reform society through my work. But I can’t show my methodology to reform society. That’s why I made problems that will occur in the future a theme. I’m raising questions through this drama, about energy issues represented by the technological challenges of space elevators and photon batteries. I am hoping that those children watching 30, 50 years from now will have an answer to these issues”.

“I’m not quite satisfied even when watching the work again today, I regret that I can’t create something that is not conveyed generally. But if there are people who watch, even 5 or 6 people, I think 「Gundam Reconguista in G」 will last for 50 years. Without this self-pride, I can’t make this work. I do my work with this pride”. He also added “There’s also problems within my lifetime so by the year after next, I would like people to watch all 5 parts. I want to move on to the next work as long as I live”.

「Gundam Reconguista in G: Ike! Core Fighter (Go! Core Fighter) The Movie」 will have a 2 week limited screening from Nov. 29.
Additionally, there were many requests to screen the original work in Fukuoka, where **The World of Yoshiyuki Tomino** was held, so there will also be screenings at Eon Cinemas Fukuoka.

(C) Sotsu・Sunrise