On August 24th, the first movie preview in Japan of Gundam Reconguista in G “Go! Core Fighter” was held in the Museum Hall of Fukuoka City Art Museum, the same place “The World of Yoshiyuki Tomino” exhibition is currently being held .
At Venue After The Screening, Yoshiyuki Tomino And Yozo Yamaguchi From Fukuoka City Museum Of Art Entered The Stage, Receiving A Round Of Applause From About 180 fans More Fan Selected From A Total Of 1,900 Entries. The Talk Show Began In The Heat Of The Moment and excitement.

Mr. Yamaguchi gave a few words on the movie version at this time, stating that “it became easier to understand the emotions and situations with the new cuts, among other features , in comparison to the previous TV series.” Director Tomino responded “although I’m using the term” For Children “, it’s been painted with old Tomino’s style, and I want to keep it that way. ”

” Problems depicted in the current “G-Reco” are ones that cannot be resolved as of now.It will probably take about 150 years to solve them.So I want this new generation to understand the problem and think about a solution, I changed it in this way so the story is easy for even children to understand , “Tomino explained.

“This work is like a kind of fairy tale, the message for director’s children is following with this story, and shown as a movie.This is the ‘Power of a Story ‘ that I always knew,” said Mr. Yamaguchi. Tomino responded with “I think that manga and anime have a very high ability to deliver message s for everyone.It’s easy to say hate speech, it’s all hate speech the moment you use proper nouns, right? But anime can depict everything without spreading hate speech, that is the plus point. ”

” It is very important to create a story that is understandable by children whether they are 10 years old or not, but because it is in theform of an anime I think it will be successful, it is challenging, though, i am proud that it is different from the conventional mobile suits, “Tomino stated regarding his new work.In

addition, when asked by the audience” Which was the fun part of producing the first part of the movie version? “, Director Tomino answered,” G-Reco was fun overall.Thanks to the character settings, it was fun to think what kind of vibes a character gives off. Why I Felt Like I Do Not Want To Make Things Get Too Serious. ”
Furthermore,” When I Was Asked This Question, It Reminded Me Of ‘Zabungle’ In This Time’S Exhibiton, The World Of Yoshiyuki Tomino Exhibiton. It Was fun, as I thought, “he added.

At the end of the event, Mr. Yamaguchi, who announced that there is an “important announcement”, revealed that the theater screening date for the movie version of Gundam Reconguista in G “Go! Core Fighter” is decided on November 29th. audience showed their joy through a round of applause, and the talk show was over for about an hour.Movie

version of Gundam Reconguista in G “Go! Core Fighter”, Domestic Fastest Preview & Yoshiyuki Tomino Talkshow Event
[Date] Saturday, August 24, 2019
[Location] Fukuoka Museum of Art Museum Hall
[Speakers] Yoshiyuki Tomino, Yozo Yamaguchi (Chief of Fukuoka City Museum of Arts and Sciences)

Movie version of Gundam Reconguista in G “Go! Core Fighter”, Screening limited to 2 weeks as of Friday, November 29, 2019
[Screening Theater] 22 buildings nationwide