4DX screening of the works will be carried out as a part of Gundam’s 40th anniversary project “Gundam New Experience TOUR”. In this project, you can experience the latest screening systems such as “4DX”, “ULTIRA” and “DOLBY CINEMA”.
This is the first 4DX screening of “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack”. The powerful 4DX effect expresses vigorously the fierce battle between V Gundam, in which the main character Amuro is on board, and Sazabi, in which Amuro ’s eternal rival Char is on board.
The 4DX version of “Mobile Suit Gundam NT” was well received at “Anime Expo 2019” held in Los Angeles, USA in July 2019. This is the first debut in Japan. Thanks to 4DX effect, you will be able to synchronize yourself with the mobile suit battles and the new type myth, which is the core of the story.