New-generation voice actress heroine project, “BATON = RELAY” performed a small concert on Aug. 31 at Keyaki Hiroba STORY stage in front of Saitama Super Arena, the venue of “Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-“. The first performance went for 15 minutes that day, but there were many people in the audience packed at the venue.

Today’s stage featured Payton Naomi as Takahashi Kyoko, Shirahana Renka as Sakura Misato, Yano Hinaki as Hinata Hasumi, Hoshiki Seena as Jingu Ririka, Harusaki Non as Seto Hinano, Mizuno Saku as Hirose Akira. The introduction movie of the game was shown at the beginning, and the crowd erupted into applause as the first song “Start me up” was played.

Six ofthem who took their places on the stage performed instead of the initial16 members during the first performance, even so, they danced and sung with everything they had. Even though the venue didn’t have the target audience, the message within the song was well delivered.Not every audience was just for the performers at the venue, but the message in the song was well delivered.

All members greeted, “We are BATON = RELAY Project”, and Yano said, ““ BATON = RELAY ” is a new-generation voice actress heroine-themed game for smartphones that will be distributed in 2020.” As new voice actresses who belong to the voice actor office in the game, each of them introduced themselves with their character names.

As it was a 15-minute stage, when Harusaki said “It’s just started, but the next song will be the last”, and the audience raised their voices saying, “We want more!”
To respond to them, the members unveiled a new song “Kakedashi no Monologue” for the first time while relishing the joy. The song starts with a chorus that relays a baton tow by two, and it was a powerful and positive performance that was perfect for the clear sky of the day. In the lyrics of the second verse that shows they get over the inner conflict and start walking, that feelings overflowed from the song.

“BATON = RELAY” has just started, and yet, it was decided to hold an event without supporting acts on Oct. 19. They will announce about the performers and the venue on their official Twitter, so we started anticipating for the staging that would tell the individuality of the members more and more.

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