“Color of Life 2nd Season,” a video in which voice actress Hanamori Yumiri makes you feel as if she is your best friend “andamp;rdquo;, has been released.

This video, “Color of Life 2nd Season,” is the second installment of the “Color of Life” promotional video that was released at the launch of the “ATH-SQ1TW” completely wireless earphones in October 2020.

This time, not only Hanamori Yumiri, but also Ono Yuuki, Sakura Ayane, Enoki Junya, Kimura Ryohei, and Furukawa Makoto were used to create a video that expresses the story behind the earphones with their voices. Each of them plays a role in six different situations, including “Date with boyfriend” and “Best friend”.

The second video, which has been released sequentially since July 12, is the “best friend version” featuring Hanamor Yumiri.

It’s not the voice of Hanamori-san that you hear as soon as it starts playing, and for a moment you think, “Huh”. At the café where you met up with your best friend “ (CV Mamoru Hanamori), you were waiting to have tea with an employee from your part-time job who was voiced by “that popular voice actor ”.

Your best friend said that she admires the senior employee at her part-time job. “She’s wondering what she needs to do to become a wonderful person like that”, and you suggest that she studies fashion. Then she says, “By the way, I saw a really cute makeup video the other day. Let’s watch it together.” She pulls out a pair of earphones from her bag, which are exactly the same as the ones you are using. “She pulls out from her bag the exact same earphones you are using. “ATH-SQ1TW”, and even the color is the same, it’s a miracle.

“We really like the same things, don’t we?” The cheerful and lively voice of Hanamori-san cheered the listeners up too!

The video was fixed so that only the person’s hands were shown, and the video was created completely with only the voice of Hanamori-san (plus the employee at her part-time job). Her voice alone is enough to convey the situation and the emotions of her best friend, but combined with the “hand expressions”, the video is even more realistic.

After a lively conversation about the earphones, you might think you’re going to see a makeup video, but there’s a scene where you can’t help but giggle at your best friend’s …… “food more than sex” attitude. The video makes you feel like you’re really having a good conversation with your best friend, so be sure to check it out.

The next video, “Sisters” by Sakura Ayane, will be released on Tuesday, July 20 at 6:00 p.m., so look forward to it!