Online manga magazine called “Shonen Jump+” announced that new serialization from 2023 will be translated to English and will be released around the world through “MANGA Plus SHUEISHA”, the manga streaming app/web service for overseas fans . This announcement was made at “Jump no Mirai 2022”, the online talk show held on June 29, 2022.

“Jump no Mirai 2022” is an online talk events held thrice affiliated to “Jump App Innovation Contest 2022”, where new ideas to support production of manga through new apps and web services and projects. The first event was held on June 29, 2022 and the editors appeared on stage to discuss “the current situation of Jump”. They released information related to the goals and results brought by “Shonen Jump+” projects, and the latest status and news of the digital services ran by the editorial office of “Shonen Jump+”.

The project to translate all new serialization of “Shonen Jump+” original manga after 2023 to English and release them in Japanese for “Shonen Jump+” readers and in English for “MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA” users was announced as the new project of editorial office of “Shonen Jump+” in the event.
With this, the arrival of new episode of the serialization in “Shonen Jump+” will be the common topic across the world. The editorial office of “Shonen Jump+” wants to “create the foundation to find the manga that will be the great hit all over the world”. (Some manga will be limited to release only in Japan. Serialization of Indies manga will not be included in the service. “MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA” cannot be downloaded in Japan, Korea, and China.)

As the additional announcement, a new platform where the creators from overseas can post their manga will be available in “MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA”. Detailed information will be announced by the end of 2022.