The first personal book of the voice actress and singer Kobayashi Aika, “Aikyan Manual” has been released. The comments from Kobayashi have been released, and this book is currently available in bookstores nationwide.

“Aikyan Manual” is a book that consists of not only the voice actress and singer side of Kobayashi Aika, but also her producer side for the apparel brand “yipyip”.

The book has various articles, from off-shot photos when she is working, to the “yipyip” collection, her private clothes coordination, as well as the “Talk about my love”, where she talks about her favorite stuff.

To commemorate the release of this book, comments from Kobayashi Aika have been released.

“Aikyan Manual” is priced at 2,750 JPY (tax included), and it is currently available in bookstores nationwide.

Kobayashi Aika’s Comments
This is my first personal book! And all the pages are filled with the stuff I like! It is also filled with cuteness! This is a fantastic book that contains both of those!
I believe the charm of a personal book is that it was created together with everyone. As I answered the 100 questions that I had received from everyone, and the cover page was also picked by everyone!
I am sure that you will be happy from the moment you buy this book!
I hope this book will be loved by many people!