TV anime “World Trigger Season 3” hosted its third YouTube live event “World Trigger Channel Vol.3” on October 6th. During the live streaming, they introduced season 2 Ep.12 with an audio commentary and the first four minutes from Season 3 Episode 1 for the first time in the world. Also, a character model sheet of Masataka Ninomiya and a comment from Junichi Suwabe, who voices captain Ninomiya were revealed ahead of the event.

Along with the MC Kenta Tanaka (Sumiharu Inukai), who made his first appearance in the event, Tomo Muranaka (Yuma Kuga), Yuki Kaji (Osamu Mikumo), Nao Tamura (Chika Amatori), and the producer Daichi Nagatomi appeared on “World Trigger Channel Vol.3”. With more than 10,000 fans viewing and commenting, the YouTube live streaming remained lively and bustling.

The main event during the live streaming was the audio commentary of Ep.12 (final episode) of Season 2 and the world’s first streaming of the first four minutes of Season 3 Ep.1. Season 2 Ep.12 was streamed with its full-version, which was exclusive in the YouTube live.

As it was the first live-audio commentary from “World Trigger”, the cast inserted comments as they wished as the story went on. When the subject moved onto the recording for Season 3, they talked about how Kaji supported the unannounced voice actor who plays the new character when they had an ad-lib recording.

After the audio commentary of Season 2 Ep.12, the cast talked about the scenes that left them the strongest impression. Then they moved onto the world’s first streaming of the first four minutes of Season 3 Ep.1.
Season 3 Ep.1 perfectly reproduces the original work of the scenes that should have appeared in Season 2 Ep.12 but were edited to prioritize the appearance of the four members of the new Tamakoma Second. Also, in the last scene of the first four minutes, Michael Cronin and Yuri Rindo appeared for the first time. As they are the two new characters that were announced not long ago, the cast were overjoyed to see them move and speak.

Viewers also enjoyed the commentary video from Nobunaga Shimazaki, who voiced Huth, a very important character of Season 3. Since Shimazaki could not participate in the live streaming,, he left a comment about Huth. He talked about what he wants the audiences to check out in Season 3, and messages to the four actors in the studio. The cast members seemed happy to hear from Shimazaki.

They also disclosed a piece of new information about “World Trigger.” In their official Twitter account, they will start posting a “Countdown SP Visual” for three days in a row. In addition, they shared with fans that Tanaka and producer Nagatomi will give comments to the free streaming of the full episode of Season 2 on October 9th, and there would be a live-dubbing event at “World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO” on October 17th.

In the end, participants gave comments to the audiences about their joy to see Season 3 on TV in three days. They also appreciated the fans for their support and called on them to boost the new season of “World Trigger.” The live streaming ended in a happy and relaxed mood.

The YouTube Live including Season 2 Ep.12 and Season 3 Ep.1 is currently archived for a limited time on TOEI ANIMATION official YouTube channel. This allows both fans who missed and joined the livestream to enjoy it once again.

TV anime “World Trigger Season 3” will start broadcasting from October 9th, 2021 on the TV Asahi network.

We’ve finally come to Season 3! I was counting down the days until the story after Season 2 would be animated. Mr. Ninomiya is a calm guy, but he sometimes acts in a very charming way. Please look forward to Mr. Ninomiya and his squad members!

“World Trigger Season 3”
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