From the TV anime “World Trigger 3rd Season”, a teaser with character voices focusing on Tamakoma-2 has been released. The new cast members, Takeuchi Ryouta and Noto Mamiko, and the theme song artist have also been announced, and a YouTube live event will be held on “World Trigger Channel Vol.3” on October 9.

The newly released teaser focuses on the members of Tamakoma-2, Kuuga Yuma, Mikumo Osamu, Amatori Chika, and Hyuse. It depicts the digested version of each character’s story.

First appears Hyuse and Yuuma wearing Bagworms side by side. Hyuse says, “Time to earn some points,” and Yuuma replies “Let’s go!” It was a miraculous moment where the two best aces, who used to be enemies, team up for their common objective of “reaching the top two in Class B and take the team on an expedition”.

In the following Yuuma part, you can hear Yuuma’s confidence in his line, “I’ll take you on in a breeze,” and “Did you think you could win if you came at me two against one?”, “I’ll intercept!” are lines that foreshadow a fierce battle with the powerful rivals.
In the Osamu part, you can hear the voices of his senpai saying, “If you’re in command, you need to come up with a plan,” “Don’t waver…” in response to his wavering heart, “Where does this anxiety come from…?”

In Chika’s part, Chika responds with “… Rodger,” to “Chikako, you know you can shoot a man” and “Chika! You’re up!”, as she tries to live up to the expectations.
Hyuse confidently says, “Let’s just win and get this done,” and the powerful teams express their hostility saying, “They’re not just any rookies,” and “I guess we’ll have to fight to find out.”

The teaser gives us a glimpse of the thoughts and determination of each member of Tamakoma-2 towards the battles. Will the new Tamakoma-2, with Huse added to Mikumo Osamu, Kuuga Yuuma, and Amatori Chika, be able to defeat their tough rivals and reach the top two in Class B?

In addition, the cast members of Michael Cronin and Rindou Yuri, two of the oldest members of the Tamakoma branch and the seniors to “Tamakoma-2”, whose character drawings had already been released, have been revealed. Michael Cronins will be voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta and Rindou Yuri by Noto Mamiko. We received comments from the two saying how happy they are to be in the show.

The opening theme song has been decided as “Time Factor” by the rock band Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai, and the ending theme song as “Ungai Shoukei” by the music duo FantasticYouth. We have received comments from both artists. Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai will also be appearing in the first “World Trigger” music event, “World Trigger THE MUSIC EXPO”, which will be held on October 17.

On October 6, right before the broadcast which will start on October 9, the YouTube live event “World Trigger Channel Vol. 3” will be held. The channel will be broadcasting Episode 12 of the “2nd Season”, which connects to the “3rd Season”, with live audio commentary by Muranaka Tomo and Kaji Yuuki. Announcements of the latest information and other projects are also being worked out, so let’s look forward to the broadcast.

【Takeuchi Ryouta as Michael Cronin】

Dear World Trigger fans, I’m Takeuchi Ryouta, the voice of Michael Cronin! I’m from Japan!
Cronin-san is an engineer of the Tamakoma branch and has much experience and knowledge.
He’s probably a workaholic and becomes absorbed into what he’s working on.
And yet, he is able to treat others equally.
If I was a Border fighting in the forefront, I would feel safe if someone like him were supporting me from behind and would be a reliable person when needed.
I tried to record with a third person’s perspective! It was so fun playing the character!
I would be very happy if my performance makes you feel at ease and that you can rely on the character!
We’re so close to the broadcast of the 3rd season of the anime! I can’t wait! We’re almost there!
Please take care of yourself and wait for the show.
Kaji-kun! Thanks for reading the lines on my behalf!
I’m looking forward to working with you again.

【Noto Mamiko as Rindou Yuri】

I’m Noto Mamiko and I will be playing Rindou Yuri.
When I was asked to take part in World Trigger for the first time in a long time, I thought, “What? Lilith is back?! Xeno and Lilith are going to meet the members of Tamakoma again?!”
But actually, it was an offer for a new role!
I was surprised, but at the same time, I wondered if it was okay for me to take the role. I’m very happy to be able to take part in the world of World Trigger again.
Yuri-san is a warm and tolerant, big sister type of character.
But she also sometimes shows a glimpse of her heart-tickling, mischievous side, haha.
In the scene where she explains the past events to Osamu-kun, I could see through Yuri-san’s emotion that she had accepted and sublimated, or tried to… To me, she seemed like a mature woman with a big heart.
I hope I can keep a warm eye on our work like Yuri-san.
Please look forward to the 3rd season of World Trigger!

【Inada Shuusaku (Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai)】

“World Trigger” means a lot to KamiSai (abbreviation of Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai), since it is the first anime for us to write a song for. Following “Mirai Eigou”, the ending theme in the 2nd Season, now we wrote “Time Factor” for the opening theme of the 3rd Season. It’s an honor that these two songs will be with “World Trigger” for a long time to come.

I hope you will enjoy the lyrics for “Time Factor”, which were written from the perspective of Commander Kido, and the most groovy sound in the history of KamiSai.

【Fantastic Youth】

It’s an honor to be asked to sing the ending theme of the 3rd Season of “Word Trigger”. I enjoyed watching the 1st and 2nd seasons of the anime, and while I’m looking forward to watching the 3rd Season, I’m also very excited about watching the show with a different feeling. I made the song while thinking about the world and character of “World Trigger”, which I love. I would be glad if I could make “World Trigger” more exciting together with you. Thank you for your continued support.

YouTube live broadcast event “World Trigger Channel Vol. 3”

■Date: Wednesday, October 6
■Cast: Muranaka Tomo, Kaji Yuuki

“World Trigger 3rd Season”
Broadcast on TV Asahi channels begins on Saturday, October 9, 2021
Author: Ashihara Daisuke (Shueisha “Jump SQ.” / Jump Comics)
Production: Toei Animation

(C) Ashihara Daisuke / Shueisha, TV Asahi, Toei Animation