Anime characters have created various famous lines. With the cute or cool voice of the voice actor, the line will leave an even deeper impression on you.

This time, Anime! Anime! has conducted the survey on “Which voice actor’s line of ‘◯◯’ will keep replay in your mind?”. For the first commemorative survey, we had asked on voice actors for the lines of “Omae, Omoshiree Onna Dana” (Hey, You’re quite an interesting woman) and “A, Anta no Tame Jyanai Dakarane…!////” (It’s… It’s not like I am doing it for you, okay…!////).

A total of 560 responses were received during the survey period from September 17 to September 26, 2021. The gender ratio is approximately 25.5% for males and approximately 74.5% for females. The age distribution consists of approximately 51.4% for age 19 and below, while the other age groups are around 10% each.

This article will announce the result for the lines of “Omae, Omoshiree Onna Dana”.

■ When we talk about Ore-sama (Arrogant) characters, it is this person! The first place with a big lead is…

1st Place: Suwabe Junichi

Suwabe Junichi-san has voiced various strong-willed Ore-sama characters, including Atobe Keigo from “Prince of Tennis” and Aomine Daiki from “Kuroko’s Basketball”. It seems that he has left a big impression on the anime fan as it has taken the first place with a big lead from the other voice actors. The supporting rating is approximately 18%.

・The line from Atobe-sama was completely being replayed in my mind… I want to hear it in the low-pitched sexiness, cool voice!
・It’s because the line has the image of the Ore-sama character.
・The voice of Aomine and Sukuna was replayed in my mind. When I search for it, I can’t believe it was from the same voice actor…
・ It’s quite easy to imagine that it was called erotically.
・It was a line that Atobe Keigo-sama (voiced by Suwabe Junichi) said to me when I was a young girl that adores Prince of Tennis… (haha)

2nd Place: Nozawa Masako

The 2nd place is taken by the voice actress Nozawa Masako-san. Despite being a voice actress, Nozawa-san has voiced several male characters, such as Son Goku from “Dragon Ball”, Kitaro from “GeGeGe no Kitaro”, and Kaibutsu from “Kaibutsu-kun”. Unlike Suwabe-san, there are various comments about how her nuance of “Omoshire-“(Interest-ing) left a deep impression on them. The supporting rating is approximately 6%.

・It reminds me of the line of “Onmee Omoshire-na-” (You’re quite interest-ing) of Goku.
・I was drawn in by the phrase of “Omoshire-“, which reminds me of Son Goku only.
・If it was Son Goku, he would said “Onmee” instead of “Omae”
・The nuance of “Omoshire-” by Goku
・It’s because it is instilled in the nature of Japanese…

3rd Place: Nakamura Yuuichi

The one in 3rd place is none other than Nakamura Yuuichi-san. Nakamura-san has voiced a lot of mature guys that have a lot of freedom and their actions can’t be understood, such as Gojou Satoru from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Jin Yuuichi from “World Trigger”, and Ichinose Guren from “Seraph of the End”. There were comments that wanted him to say the line insincerely. The supporting rating is approximately 4%.

・The voice and lines are a perfect match
・I won’t be able to stop my heart throbbing if I was told by Nakamura-san in the low-pitch and sexy voice.
・As this line gives a slight air of arrogance, it is the best if it was said by Nakamura-san with his low-pitch handsome voice.
・I want to be told by Nakamura-san’s low pitch handsome voice!
・When we talk about the guy with a lot of leeway… it would be Nakamura Yuuichi only!

■ Top 10 Ranking
Which voice actor’s line of “Omae, Omoshiree Onna Dana” will keep replay in your mind?
1. Suwabe Junichi
2. Nozawa Masako
3. Nakamura Yuuichi
4. Kamiya Hiroshi
5. Sugita Tomokazu
6. Umehara Yuuichirou
7. Suzuki Tatsuhisa
8. Okamoto Nobuhiko
9. Sakurai Takahiro
10. Kaji Yuuki (Same Amount of Votes)
10. Shimono Hiro (Same Amount of Votes)
(Survey Period: September 17 – September 26, 2021)

■ The lines sound different when it was replayed in the mind of different genders? The first place of the male vote is…
By the way, when we compare the voters’ gender, the majority voters for Suwabe-san are females. On the other hand, most of the males voted for Nozawa Masako-san, so it is quite interesting to see that the image for this line is different for male and female.

We had also recruited the theme for the next survey during the current survey, so please do look forward to the next one♪