The latest TV anime of the “Digimon” series, “Digimon Ghost Game” was broadcast at 9:00 AM, on Fuji TV and other channels, on October 3. The outline and cut-scenes of episode 1 “The Sewn-lip Man” have been revealed.

In a near future, innovative technologies have emerged. A rumor of the “Hologram Ghost” (a semi-transparent monster that looks like a hologram), called “The Sewn-lip Man” is being spread on the social network.

At that time, the freshman at Hazakura Academy, Amanokawa Hiro has received a strange message from his father Hokuto, who went missing 6 months ago, saying “I’m in the Digital World”. He also sends the puppy-like Digimon, Gammamon to Hiro.

Due to that encounter, Hiro was involved in the frequent incidence caused by the Digimon Clockman that caused people to age faster by stealing their “time”. It was revealed that “Hologram Ghost” is the Digimon that arrived at the human world from the digital world…

The cute appearance of Gammamon, which is the partner Digimon of Amanokawa Hiro, can be seen in the sneak peek. Do check out the start of this new “Digimon” series.

TV Anime “Digimon Ghost Game”
Every Sunday, at 9 AM, on Fuji TV and other channels, from October 3.
※Broadcast time and date may vary depending on the region

Amanokawa Hiro: Tamura Mutsumi
Gammamon: Sawashiro Miyuki
Tsukiyoru Ruri: Kobayashi Yuu
Angoramon: Nakai Tetsuya
Higashimitarai Kiyoshirou: Ishida Akira
Jellymon: Shimamura Yuu

Original Creator: Hongou Akiyoshi
Original Character Idea: Yabuno Tenya
Original Digimon Idea: Watanabe Kenji
Planning Cooperation: Yabuno Tenya, Izawa Hiroshi
Series Composition: Sogo Masashi
Series Director: Chioka Masatoshi, Mitsuka Masato
Character Design: Itou Mariko
Digimon Design: Shinozuka Takeru
Art Director: Ichioka Mai (Bihou)
Background: Amada Toshitaka (Bihou)
Music: Ootani Kou
Production: Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertising Inc., Toei Animation

(C) Hongou Akiyoshi, Fuji TV, Toei Animation