The 1st PV of the latest installment of the “Digimon” series, “Digimon Ghost Game” (broadcast start on October 3) has been released. This is the “first” footage of this installment.

The story takes place in a future, where technology has advanced, with the rumor of the mysterious phenomenon of unknown truth, called “Hologram Ghost” on the social network.
A freshman in middle school, Amanokawa Hiro activated the mysterious device left behind by his father, called “Digi Device”, and he started to be able to see the unknown beings that can’t be seen by normal people, called “Digimon”.

Ever since the day he encountered the mischievous Digimon, called “Gammamon” that his father entrusted him to, Hiro started to be involved in various mysterious phenomena, such as the “Mouth sewing man” who steal human time and “Mummy Guy” that kidnapped people roaming at night. Hologram Ghosts are always around us and they have their eye on us.

The story from now onward is about the hidden side of the world that is not known by anyone. Hiro, Gammamon, and his other friends are involved in the mysterious world, where the Digimon are living in.

The 1st PV of “Digimon Ghost Game” has been released. It depicts the transparent-like appearance of Clockmon as it attacks human, and this footage will surely make you wonder how Hiro and the others will be involved in it.

Don’t miss out on the TV anime “Digimon” as “Digimon Adventure:” as at its climax and the latest installment “Digimon Ghost Game” is at the center of attraction.

“Digimon Ghost Game” will be broadcast at 9 AM, every Sunday, on Fuji TV and other channels, from October 3.

Digimon Ghost Game
Every Sunday, at 9 AM, on Fuji TV and other channels, from October 3.
※Broadcast time and date may vary depending on the region

Amanokawa Hiro: Tamura Mutsumi
Gammamon: Sawashiro Miyuki
Tsukiyoru Ruri: Kobayashi Yuu
Angoramon: Nakai Tetsuya
Higashimitarai Kiyoshirou: Ishida Akira
Jellymon: Shimamura Yuu

Original Creator: Hongou Akiyoshi
Original Character Idea: Yabuno Tenya
Original Digimon Idea: Watanabe Kenji
Planning Cooperation: Yabuno Tenya, Izawa Hiroshi
Series Composition: Sogo Masashi
Series Director: Chioka Masatoshi, Mitsuka Masato
Character Design: Itou Mariko
Digimon Design: Shinozuka Takeru
Art Director: Ichioka Mai (Bihou)
Background: Amada Toshitaka (Bihou)
Music: Ootani Kou
Production: Fuji TV, Yomiko Advertising Inc., Toei Animation

(C) Hongou Akiyoshi, Fuji TV, Toei Animation