It was announced that the voice actor Uchida Yuuma will appear on the currently broadcasting “Numa ni Hamatte Kiitemita (I heard you are in a swamp)” on NHK E Tele.

“Numa ni Hamatte Kiitemita” is an NHK variety program that delves deep into the world of the “Swamp”, which are the hobbies that the youngsters are love and hooked on .
On the September 22 broadcast, it will feature a special article on the voice actor and singer, Uchida Yuuma, who is currently famous among the youngsters as well as the voice of Fushiguro Megumi of the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

Uchida adored to be a voice actor and started to attend the training school since he was in high school, and debuted as a voice actor in 2013. He has shown off his presence in various titles, including “BANANA FISH” and “Fruits Basket”. He won the “Best Actor in a Leading Role” in the 13th Seiyuu Award. He is also currently active as a singer with a comfortable singing voice and dance since his singer’s debut in 2018. The voice actress Uchida Maaya is his elder sister and a top secret episode with her will be revealed.

On the program, they will look back on the famous scenes of the TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen” featuring Uchida as well as a conversation about the difficulties faced on the role. The producer and director of the game “Final Fantasy XIV”, Yoshida Naoki will appear as a Hamatta-san and talk about the allure of Uchida Yuuma when voicing the game character. At the same, Uchida’s singing voice is attracting attentions on the social network with his a cappella videos. He is not only polishing his singing, but also challenging the dance performance, and the first infiltration shooting on the venue of his dance lesson can be seen.

Other than that, Messhi will be interviewing a high school’s voice actor club, which is something rare in Japan. It will introduce the club activities of the youngsters, who are dreaming to be voice actors, as well as having Uchida Yuuma answering their questions and gives his supports as a senior. His latest song “equal” will be performed in full as the studio performance.

“Uchida Yuuma Numa” on “Numa ni Hamatte Kiitemita” will be broadcast at 6:55 PM, on September 22, on NHK E Tele.

“Numa ni Hamatte Kiitemita”
Broadcast: Every Monday to Wednesday, 6:55 PM – 7:25 PM, on NHK E Tele
MC: Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna), Sakurai Hinako (on Monday), Matsui Airi (On Tuesday and Wednesday)