It was announced that the TV anime “The Faraway Paladin” will start on October 9 along with the announcement of Yuki Aoi and Takahashi Hiroki as the additional cast member and H-el-ical// will handle the opening theme song. It was also announced that a pre-broadcast event will be held.

“The Faraway Paladin” is written by Yanagino Kanata and illustrated by Rin Kususaga and it started on the web novel posting website “Shousetsuka ni Narou” in May 2015. The novel was released in March 2016 while the manga was released in March 2018, which showed it has gained attention from the media mix developments.
It is a fantasy work about the growth and the re-experience of life of the main protagonist Will, who was awakened in a world after being guided by the God of Reincarnation, while interacting with his family and friends.

After the TV anime adaptation was announced in April 2021, it was announced that the broadcast will start on October 9, on TOKYO MX, AT-X, BS Nippon TV, dAnime Store, and other websites.
The 2nd PV has been released and the opening theme song “The Sacred Torch” by H-el-ical// was used to color up the world setting. The official website has gotten a renewal and the latest visual of the main characters have been released.

It was announced that Yuki Aoi is the voice of the god that Will swore allegiance to, Gracefeel, and Takahashi Hiroki is the voice of the God of Death that Will is opposing, Stagnate. The comments of the two toward the broadcast have been released.

The advanced screening of episodes 1 and 2 of the TV anime as well as a pre-broadcast event will be held on September 26. Kawase Maki (voice of Will), Konishi Katsuyuki (voice of Blood), and Tobita Nobuo (voiced of Gus) will appear at the event and a talk show will be held. The price of the ticket is 2,750 JPY (tax included). Only the talk show portion can be watched for free on YouTubeLIVE and TwitterLIVE.

<Below are the full comments>

【Yuki Aoi, voice of Gracefeel】

Gracefeel is the God that Will-kun followed.
I will try my best in voicing her so that you can feel that you have become strong by believing in her and an existence that is worthy to be believed in.
Please look forward to “The Faraway Paladin”.

【Takahashi Hiroki, voice of Stagnate】

I am quite happy that I am able to voice the rare God role as well as the “Villain” at the same time.
The tension and fast pace of Will’s monologue are quite comfortable, and I was drawn in by it when having the recording session together.
I hope that you can look forward to the broadcast even if you know or don’t know about the original work.

(C) Yanagino Kanata, Overlap/ The Faraway Paladin Production Committee