The main PV and 2nd episode visual of the TV anime “Restaurant to Another World 2” (Broadcast starts in October 2021) have been released. The opening theme song “Onnaji Kimochi (Mutual Feelings)” by Yasuno Kiyono and the ending theme “Samenai Mahou (Everlasting Magic)” by Touyama Nao, could also be heard for the first time.

“Restaurant to Another World” is based on the fantasy another world “Meshi Tero (Lit. Food Terrorism)” light novel written by Inuzuka Junpei and illustrated by Enami Katsumi.
The story takes place in the “Western Restaurant Nekoya” that creates a doorway that connects to various other worlds during the “Special Business” on every Saturday, even though it seems an ordinary restaurant that can be found anywhere in Japan at first glance, and it depicts the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between the “resident of another world” and the meals. The TV anime season 1 was broadcast in 2017.

The main PV and 2nd episode visual depicted the elf culinary researcher, Faldania (voiced by Hikasa Youko) who is gathering edible wild plants and mushrooms.
Do look forward to seeing what types of deep impressions will she received from the meal in season 2 following the events in season 1.

“Restaurant to Another World 2” will be broadcast in October 2021, on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, and AT-X.
To commemorate the broadcast of this work, the special video project “‘Restaurant to Another World 2’ Broadcast Commemoration! Nekoya’s Meal!” will be held on September 10, on the YouTube channel, “DMMpictures”.

(C)Inuzuka Junpei, Shufunotomo Infos/ “Restaurant to Another World 2” Production Committee