The collaboration project between the movie “Free! -the Final Stroke-” and the family restaurant “Coco’s”, “Coco’s x The Movie Free! – the Final Stroke- One Summer Seaside Memories Promotion”, started at all Coco’s restaurants nationwide except for some on August 23, 2021. Here at Anime! Anime!, we would like to report on the visit of the Coco’s Nakano store, which was decorated to the promotion’s specifications for a limited time.

Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, Matsuoka Rin, Kirishima Ikuya, Yamazaki Sosuke, Shiina Asahi, Tono Hiyori, Hazuki Nagisa, Ryugazaki Rei, and other characters from the movie “Free! -the Final Stroke-” wears Coco’s uniforms on banners and streamers that decorate the exterior of the store.

They are introducing collaboration limited special menus such as Mackerel Freestyle Seafood Curry”, “Mackerel-pple Pizza: Memories of That Summer Day”, and “Shaved Ice Parfait Free!STYLE -Seaside Special-“, posting a notice of the collaboration project.

As we stepped into the store, we were greeted by a specially decorated cutout of Haruka and the other nine boys in front of the cash register. The two-meter high large drop curtain depicting the seaside scenery where their summer memories take place was also uplifting.

Besides that, there was each kind of poster, sheets on the wall, glass-film sheets, and POP at soda fountain, all of which had the movie “Free! -the Final Stroke-” items all over them. You can see Haruka and his friends in the drink and food menu, the introduction of the “Coco’s original clear file” with each order subject to receive it, the take-out service information, and even the announcement of part-time job openings. You don’t want to miss the “typical” lines scattered throughout the store if you are a fan.

Also on display were the original Coco’s cushions, which you can get with a total of 25 points for every order of the menu, as well as the original Iwatobi-chan reusable bag and original acrylic coasters, which are available only at the 91 stores.

The movie “-the Final Stroke-” and the family restaurant “Coco’s” will be collaborating on the “Coco’s x The Movie Free! -the Final Stroke- One Summer Seaside Memories Promotion”, which will be held at all Coco’s stores nationwide except for some stores until October 3. For more details, please visit the promotion’s special website.

The movie “-the Final Stroke-”

(C) Oji Koji, Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi-cho Supporters Association 2021