“Free!–the Final Stroke–” announced a collaboration cafe featuring characters in Chinese costumesholding chinaware in their hands and Chinese dishes. It will be located at “MEGARAGE Ikebukuro”, open from September 10 to October 31, 2021.

Inside the cafe can be found Chinese stylized decorations and life-size character panels. Just like in the “Free!–Eternal Summer–” collab cafe, the giant plushie of Iwatobi-chan will once again be displayed.

The food menu contains dishes such as the “Haruka’s Mackerel Pao Burger” and “Nagisa and Rei’s Comradery China Sweets”, whereas the beverage menu, the drinks “Sousuke’s Calmness Green Tea Latte” and “Rin’s Fresh Red Ginger”.

The original goods “Acrylic Muddler” and “Cup Sleeve Keyholder” will also be sold at the cafe during different periods each.

Customers will receive a random original place mat or coaster upon ordering dishes and drinks, as a special gift.

‘“Free!–the Final Stroke–” Special Collaboration Cafe’ will open at MEGARAGE Ikebukuro from September 10 to October 31, 2021.

(C) Oji Koji – Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi Town Support Club 2021