The results of “MILLION TAG,” a manga artist discovery battle audition program by Shueisha’s manga magazine application “Shonen Jump +,” have been announced. The winner is “BEATMOTION” by the tag team of Fujita Naoki and Rin Shihei, which was described by “Censorman” creator Fujimoto Tatsuki as having “manga skills that are head and shoulders above the rest.”

“MILLION TAG” is an original YouTube program that follows six groups of new manga artists and editors as they compete in four challenges to win the final round of the new manga award “MILLION TAG,” which was held by Shueisha to discover the next generation of star manga artists.
This time, after five months of selection, the winner was decided to be Fujita Naoki and Rin Shihei. The serialized name “BEAT & MOTION,” which Fujita-san created for the final challenge, will be serialized in Shonen Jump + and a book will be released, as well as Netflix will produce the anime and distribute it exclusively worldwide in the future.

The entire process is being shown on the YouTube channel “JUMP CHANNEL” as the manga artist discovery battle audition program “MILLION TAG”, and the final episode 8, in which the winner will be decided, is being distributed from 6:00 p.m. on August 20.

<Comments from the winning tag team, Fujita Naoki and Rin Shihei>

“MILLION TAG” Winning Manga Artist Fujita Naoki

To be honest, I’m not so much happy to have won as I am feeling that it’s going to be tough from now on, but I think my top priority is to do the work in front of me on time. Through “MILLION TAG,” Rin-san has become a familiar face, and I hope to work hard together with him.

“MILLION TAG” Winning Editor Rin Shihei

As a result of writing many stories in a shorter period of time than usual due to the set deadline for the assignment, I think that the speed at which Fujita-san drew his names grew the most during this period. From now on, since we won the “MILLION TAG”, I want to work together to achieve an ending where we can proudly say that we have achieved MILLION in some way! Let it up to us!

Final Story Guest Judge’s Comment

Fujimoto Tatsuki, Manga Artist (“Chainsaw Man”)

I think his manga skills were clearly one head above the rest.
The story progresses just by following the emotions of the main character, so it was easy to follow without any stress!
The female characters were also very attractive, and I personally liked them.

Manga artist Kaku Yuuji (“Hell’s Paradise”)

I felt the talent of the artist in the way he drew close to the characters and expressed himself. I felt that the psychological depiction of each character was not overwhelming.
I feel that it is an important weapon to be able to read a manga without stumbling over the characters’ psychological descriptions. There is a lot of detail in the animation production, and the whole world is very convincing.

Ohara Kohei, Netflix Animation Producer

The final assignment was bursting with a variety of personalities, but Fujita-san’s authorship must have been particularly polished. Hats off to the unique duo of the ultra-negative Fujita-san and Rin-san. In the winning work, the emotions of the fascinating characters are vividly portrayed, and the interesting dialogue between them is something to behold. It is a work that I can genuinely look forward to seeing how the story will unfold, and I am honored to be able to distribute this new Japanese talent to the world through the Netflix anime adaptation.

<The full text of the comments is below>

MC Voice Actor Sakura Ayane

It was a very valuable program that allowed me to learn that the manga works that we usually enjoy without much thought are created through such a human story and process.
After the recording was over, I had the privilege of waiting for all the challengers to come out and have a little chat with them about “What do you think of my manga?” “What do you want to become in the future?” their eyes were so sparkling and beautiful.
I can’t wait to have the opportunity to meet all of you again as you continue to develop your individuality!

MC Comedian, Yonsen Toushin

All of the contestants were interesting from the very first piece, but it was very worthwhile to see how they improved as the show went on. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses, and each of them is unique. I hope each of you will find a piece that sticks with you. (Ishibashi Ryoudai)

I am so happy to have met such shining diamonds in the rough. They all have the ability to make their debut as manga artists, so when that happens, I’ll mount them as if I’ve known them forever. (Goto Takumi)

For those of you in the world who like to be ahead of the curve, you can’t say you’re “ahead of the curve” without seeing this. It’s not an exaggeration to say that I saw the moment when the next hit work was born. I think it’s also a very valuable video to see the humanity of the manga artists. You should see it. (Tsuzuki Hiroki)

” Shonen Jump +” Editor-in-Chief, Hosono Shuhei

Fujita Naoki’s “BEAT & MOTION” was chosen as the winner because of its ability to depict the emotions of the characters and its ability to involve the reader in the story. It is also contemporary in its use of creators as its subject matter, and I have high hopes for it as a serial work that will depict their problems and struggles.
As for “MILLION TAG,” I feel that Mr. Fujita and the other new writers have grown beyond expectations. I’m looking forward to the future of all of these artists.

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