“Shounen Jump+”, the manga application managed by Shueisha Inc., has announced the new manga awards “MILLION TAG” to search for the next generation star manga artist. Other than the prize money, it will also come with a side prize, including being serialized on “Shounen Jump+” and a definite promise of an anime production. Moreover, the judging process can be seen on the streaming program, making it an unprecedented manga award.

As Shueisha is searching for the next generation star manga artist, “MILLION TAG” will be held in an unprecedented method, where the 6 candidates that had passed the preliminary team up with the editors and challenge the given task with the judging process being streamed online.

The candidates will challenge 4 tasks throughout the 3 months period while receiving support from the editors, which had paired up, from various editorial departments that handled various popular works, including “SPYxFAMILY”.
The judges for each task are the head editor of “Shounen Jump+”, Hosono Shuhei, and other guest judges from various genres.
The winner (1 person) will be given 5 million JPY and “Definite Promise for the serialization on Shounen Jump+, Release of Comic, and Anime Production (Equivalent to 1 chapter)”.

The appearance and process of the candidates showing off their talent with the support of the proud editors of Shueisha while they struggle to take the first place in each task can be seen on the manga artist searching battle audition program “MILLION TAG”. The program is scheduled to be streamed on the YouTube “Jump Channel” from June 25, 2021, with 8 episodes.
The recruitment for the challenger has started on December 22. Detailed information can be found on the special website.

“Shounen Jump+” Head Editor Hosono Shuhei

The latest challenge of “Shounen Jump+”, which is this manga awards, has started. The editors will team up with the manga artist, challenge the task, and compete with the completed work. To the manga artists, it would be a precious learning opportunity, and it would be a project where the readers will be able to see the meeting between the editor manga artists. The winner will be promised with the serialization and anime production. I am looking forward to the birth of the next generation hit manga artist. Please submit your application!

“Shounen Jump+” Editor Hayashi

Main Handled Works:
“SPY X FAMILY”, “Chainsaw Man” “Blue Exorcist”

Message to the challenger:
Your “thoughts” will be seen and loved worldwide. It is the “manga artist”‘s job to create that dream story. “Creation” is fun yet bitter process with various difficulties. However, the “happiness” of your created work reaching the readers is something great. I hope that all the people, who want to be a manga artist, will be able to enjoy that moment. Please read the ambitious work that is filled with the impulse of everyone.
Let’s create the “interesting” and “profitable” manga together that will be read worldwide.

“Shounen Jump+” Editor Tamada

Main Handled Works:
“Seija no Koushin: Revenge” “Twin Star Exorcists” “Taishou Otome Otogibanashi”

Message to the challenger:
After looking at various manga artist, I can only say one definite thing, all manga artists have suffered during the creation. In order to encounter your lifetime treasure-like characters, you will go through the cycle of researching, worrying, and drawing. It would seem like you are heading toward the dark cave alone forever but I hope I can help you during the treasure-seeking by bringing the compass, lantern, and food. Let’s work together!

“Shounen Jump+” Editor Okamoto

Main Handled Works:
“World’s End Harem”, “Debby the Corsifa wa Makezugirai” “Otome no Teikoku”

Message to the challenger:
For those who have a slight interest in this, please submit your application. Everyone has an equal chance, and I believe that the efforts and creative skills are the factors to produce the next big hits. I’m the youngest among the participating editors this time. Because of that, I can help with the work as my sensibility is closer to a reader! I am looking forward to meeting you and the days of creating the new work together.

“Young Jump” Editor Lee

Main Handled Works:
“Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai”, “Ekijin no Karute ” “Tensei Goblin da kedo Shitsumon aru?”

Message to the challenger:
This is a survival for the single slot in the limited time period. This is a new experience for the editors as well, and it will be a tough project for the manga artists. However, in the manga market where red oceanization is accelerating, as “there are many opportunities for serialization and few chances for being popular”, I think it is a really big opportunity to win a “prominent” serialization in this way. I am looking forward to meeting fantastic talents!

“Margaret” Editor Hatakeyama

Main Handled Works:
“Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu “, “Kanojo ga Kawaii Sugite Ubaenai” “Ankh X Uncool X Dead”

Message to the challenger:
I normally in charge of shoujo (young girls) manga, but when I heard of this project, I immediately volunteer for it as I thought that this type of interesting chance won’t come again. “It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t” is a common saying, which is the exact thought that I had. If you have to waver with it, then it’s better for you to jump into it! Let’s create something in this interesting and alluring opportunity! There is no limit to the genres, I will try my best to deliver the work filled with the energy of the manga artist to the reader!

“Shounen Jump” Editor Asai

Main Handled Works:
“Mashle: Magic and Muscles”, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” “Hinomaru Sumo”

Message to the challenger:
Manga is a story created by a single person that can transmit emotions and presence to people, making it a magic-like method. You will be able to create a story filled with your preference, fixation, and efforts until you are satisfied. On the other hand, you might have to suffer to obtain the necessary technique to fulfill that. The path of a manga artist is not an easy one, but in order to lessen that burden, I will try my best to have your talents bloom. Please apply for it.