Shueisha, which operates the manga magazine app “Shonen Jump +”, and Netflix of the world’s largest video streaming service “Netflix” established “MILLION TAG” to discover the next generation of star manga artists. It has been announced that the winner’s work will be produced as a Netflix anime and will be exclusively streamed worldwide.

Comments from Hosono Shuhei, Editor-in-Chief of “Shonen Jump +” and Ohara Kohei, Netflix Anime Producer about the purpose of discovering new talents from Japan and showing them to the world have arrived.

“MILLION TAG” is a new manga award held by Shueisha to discover the next generation of star manga artists. The winner is promised a luxurious reward of “Prize 5 million yen”, “Shonen Jump + serialization promise”, “Comics release”, “Anime production”, and the six selected manga artists will team up with the editor to tackle the challenges and aim for the championship.

With the announcement, “the produced animation will be streamed to the whole world”, it became a further scaled-up manga award.

The manga artist discovery battle audition program “MILLION TAG”, in which six groups of manga artists and editors compete in the final selection of this manga award and aim for the championship, was distributed on the YouTube channel “Jump Channel” from 06:00 P.M. on July 2.

The first episode of 8 episodes started with the announcement of new manga artists and editors teaming up. From the real interaction between the manga artists and the editors that takes place after the announcement of the first issue, there is a backside of the creating manga challenge.

Please support the fierce battle for victory while enjoying the process new manga artists and their editors challenge to make their talents shine.

[Shonen Jump +] Editor-in-Chief Hosono Shuhei]

This project is about showing the growing process of new manga artists and editors working together to create manga. I’m happy that the winning work will be streamed on Netflix. I want to find the best new manga artist in Japan, but how can I bring that talent to the world! I think the quality of the anime will definitely be good, so I’m looking forward to making an anime adaptation.

[Netflix Anime Producer Ohara Kohei]

There is nothing more exciting than finding talented new manga artists and being able to witness them becoming the next generation of star manga artists with the editors.

What Netflix can do is to provide the best cypress stage for the beginning of the birth of such a star, and to bring the charm of the winning work to the whole world. May the hot battle of the century unfold in “MILLION TAG”!