Manga “BLEACH” releases a special episode in the 36&37 joint issue of ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’, which will be released on August 10th. This special episode will mark 20 years since the serialization started.

“BLEACH” is Tite Kubo’s fighting and action manga that was serialized from the 36&37 joint issue (released on August 7, 2001) to the 2016 38 issue (released on Aug 22, 2016)of ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. The story is about the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, who suddenly gets the power of Grim Reaper and his friends. It depicts the characters growing through the battles with Hollows, the evils and other Grim Reapers.

The whole 74 volumes of comics with more than 120 million copies printed, BLEACH got TV, movie, game, play, and novel adaptations. It revolved around all kinds of media and even the live-action-movie was made, in July 2018, starring Souta Fukushi.

The special episode was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the serialization. There will be 73 pages including colored pages with the story line, “ Ichigo was invited to Soul Society for some ritual, but…?!”. This is the first time in five years for ‘BLEACH’ to be on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’.

Also, the collection of original pictures and the latest information about the 20th anniversary project will be in the 36&37 joint issue of ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’. The final chapter, ‘The Thousand Year Blood War’ will be animated as well, so don’t miss this exciting “BLEACH” 20th anniversary project.