The TV anime “CUE!”, which is based on the game to nurture the next generation of voice actors, will be on air in January 2022. Along with the announcement, the 1st PV has also been unveiled.

“CUE!” is a game for iOS and Android to nurture the next generation of voice actors, where you train a total of 16 trainees that belong to a small voice actors agency.
The main story is fully voiced, and multiple short anime is included in the game. The highlights of the game will be anime that you can enjoy with your favorite cast, and numerous original songs.

It has been decided that “CUE!”, which is scheduled to receive an anime adaptation, will be released in January 2022. The 1st PV that has just released follows the members of “AiRBLUE” and their recording scenes, which will surely raise your expectation for the broadcast.

Moreover, “CUE!&DIALOGUE + Exhibition Event” will be held at an event space Entas in Akihabara, from November 18 to 21. “CUE! Reading Live Vol.5 ~Wind&Moon~” is also scheduled to be held at “New Pier Hall” on November 21, so if you are a fan, please check it out.

The TV anime “CUE!” will be on air from January 2022.

(C)CUE! Animation Project