The TV anime for the next generation voice actor’s nurturing game “CUE!” has been decided. Along with that announcement, the 4th single called “Saiko no Mahou” by the unit “AiRBLUE”, which consists of the 16 main casts, will be released on January 6, 2021.

“CUE!” is a next-generation voice actor’s nurturing game for iOS and Android, where the player is the manager of the 16 newbie voice actor affiliated to a small voice actor agency.
The main story is fully voiced and numerous short animations are available in the game. The highlights are the anime where you can pick the cast as well as the original songs. From August 2020, the sequel of the main story, called “Season1.2 ‘Kaleidoscope'” was released.

The anime adaptation was announced at the live event of the 1st anniversary of the original game, called “CUE! 1st Anniversary Party ‘See you everyday'” that was held in November 1, in Culttz Kawasaki, Kanagawa.
After the live session was over, the moment when the cast exited the stage, the TV anime adaptation was announced in the video message by the voice actor agency’s president Ootoro Masaki.

The 1st key visual that was revealed depicts the 16 main casts of “CUE!” in the anime appearance. The staff for this anime will be handled by director Katagai Shin, the series composer is handled by Urahata Tatsuhiko, character design by Taniguchi Motohiro while the animation is produced by Yumeta Company and Graphinica.

Also, the 4th single called “Saiko no Mahou” by the unit “AiRBLUE”, comprised of the 16 main casts of “CUE!” will be released on January 6, 2021, and the jacket of the single was revealed as well.
The main song is “Saiko no Mahou”, composed and lyric written by Ikimonogakari’s Mizuno Yoshiki, the producer is Nakata Yuusuke (agehasprings) while the coupling song “Shiroi Ensen” is composed and lyric written by Watanabe Shou and arranged by Kurauchi Tatsuya.
As these two songs are filled with the season atmosphere, do look forward to the trial listening.

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