It was announced that season 2 of “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” will be broadcast in January 2022. At the same time, the key visual and 1st PV along with the comments from the cast members, including M・A・O, Itou Miku, Tachibana Rika, Abe Atsushi, and the general director & series composer, Kanasaki Takaomi have been released.

“Princess Connect! Re:Dive” is a TV anime based on the anime-style RPG that was developed and managed by Cygames. It depicts the adventure of the “Gourmet Edifice”, consists of the young boy suffering from amnesia Yuuki, the small guide who is also his caretaker Kokkoro, the beautiful swordswoman who is always hungry Pecorine, and the slightly cute cat-ear magician Karyl.

The visual depicts the gathering of the “Gourmet Edifice” members, which are Pecorine, Kokkoro, Karyl, and Yuuki, gathering at the dining table happily while giving off the friendly and gorgeous atmosphere.

The first PV depicts the daily life of the “Gourmet Edifice” to the battle scenes. Do check out the background of the radiant world that was created with fixation.

Also, the information of the main staff has been announced as well. The animation will be handled by Cygames Pictures, continuing their role from season 1, and the general director & series composer will be handled by the director of season 1, Kanasaki Takaomi. For the main cast, it will remain the same as season 1, which are M・A・O as Pecorine, Itou Miku as Kokkoro, Tachibana Rika as Karyl, and Abe Atsushi as Yuuki.

TV anime “Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2” will start in January 2022. Prior to the broadcast, the re-runs of TV anime season 1 will be broadcast on TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting from October 2, and TOKYO MX and BS11 from October 5.

M・A・O as Pecorine

Since “The broadcast of season 2 has finally been decided!”, I am being filled with joy now!! While looking back at the anime-only charming expression of the various princesses, I am excited about the story of season 2 as well as the encounter with the new princesses. Please do continue to look over the bond of the “Gourmet Edifice” as well as the growth of each character! Please look forward to it!

Itou Miku as Kokkoro

In season 1, the “search for delicious food” of “Gourmet Edifice” was so interesting, it makes me excited every week as well as hungry at the same time! In season 2, I believe that excitement will remain the same and it will become the core of the story. Please look forward to the power up of the hunger power as well as the coolness of “Gourmet Edifice”! There will be many cute princesses that will make you smile!

Tachibana Rika as Karyl

Sorry to keep you waiting on the announcement of season 2!
I believe there are still any princesses that everyone wants to watch in the anime.
Please do look forward to their appearance as well as their warming daily life in the anime!
As all of the cast members are doing the recording while being thrilled, I hope that Princess Connect R will be an interesting work so that even first-timer of the series can enjoy it. So, I wonder how many times Karly will scream this time (Haha). There are still some times before the broadcast, but please look forward to it!

Abe Atsushi as Yuuki

The anime “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” season 2 is here!
It will be filled with contents, such as the slapstick daily life of “Gourmet Edifice” as well as the serious development, which would keep your feet up.
Do look forward to it!

General Director & Series Composer Kanasaki Takaomi

The adventure of “Gourmet Edifice” is going to start with the anime “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”.
I will do my best to make Season 2 more interesting with the same staff of season 1 along with the new staff. Please look forward to it.

TV Anime “Princess Connect! Re:Dive Season 2”
■Broadcast Information
Starting from January 2022!
※Kindly be informed that the broadcast period might change without prior notice.

■TV Anime Season 1 Re-run Information
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting: From October 2 (Saturday), 6:30 AM~
TOKYO MX: From October 5 (Tuesday), 11:00 PM~
BS11: From October 5 (Tuesday), 11:00 PM~ ※Kindly be informed that the broadcast period might change without prior notice.

Original Creator: Cygames
General Director, Series Composer: Kanasaki Takaomi
Director: Iwamoto Yasuo
Character Designer: Watanabe Mai, Noda Yasuyuki, Kurita Satomi, Kana Shundou
Music: Imagine
Animation Production: Cygames Pictures

■Cast Member
Pecorine: M・A・O
Kokkoro: Itou Miku
Karyl: Tachibana Rika
Yuuki: Abe Atsushi

(C) Anime “Princess Connect! Re:Dive” Production Committee