TV anime “RE-MAIN” disclosed the storyline of episode 4 “It Might Be Dangerous…” and some scene images. Episode 4 will be broadcast on July 31st, Saturday.

‘RE-MAIN’ is a TV anime that features water polo. The animation is by MAPPA, with the original work, direction, series composition, script, and sound direction all by the author Masafumi Nishida, who is known for ‘TIGER&BUNNY’.

The protagonist, Minato Shimizu, had once quit water polo due to an incident that occurred when he was in the 3rd grade of junior high school. A promise he makes leads him to start water polo again with the friends he meets in high school. However, there are numerous problems that await the small and weak water polo club.

In episode 4, Amihama, who was stubbornly refusing to enter the club, finally decides to join the team due to an incident. This event marks the full-swing start of the Yamanami high school water polo club.

However, the team members are already out of energy just from the basic training. Meanwhile, the members were announced to have their first practice match.

“RE-MAIN” episode 4 “It Might Be Dangerous…“ will start broadcasting on July 31st Saturday in NUMAimation section on TV Asahi group network 24 stations.

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