The Japanese trailer for Disney & Pixar’s latest work “Luca” (Released exclusively on Disney+, on June 18, 2021) has been released.

“Luca” takes place in both the “Sea’s world” and “Human’s world”.

Despite being told that it was forbidden to go to the “Human’s world”, the young “sea monster” boy, Luca was unable to hold back his urge and departed from the “Sea’s world” together with his best friend, Albert.
The 2 “sea monsters” are attracted to the new world in front of them while holding the fear of their secret being exposed as they have the trait of turning into a human by drying their body,
However, the innocent adventure of Luca and Albert has caused a major incidence in the two worlds that were separated by the land and sea…

In the Japanese trailer, it depicted the scenes where Luca first departed from the “Sea’s world” and transform into a human.
The situation where Luca and Albert are running on the grassland with the Japanese version’s ending song “Shounen Jidai (Luca ver.) by suis (Yorushika) will surely hype up the expectation toward this film.

“Luca” will be released exclusively on Disney+ on June 18.

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