Disney and Pixar’s latest movie, “LUCA”, held the event titled “Streaming Commemoration Summer Festival” on June 24, 2021. As the guest, Abe Kanon for the protagonist Luca, Ikeda Yuuto for Luca’s childhood friend Albert, and the comedian tag called Miki have arrived on the stage.

This is the first time for Abe and Ikeda to appear together in the same work, but they appeared like “old friends” as they played in the movie.
Abe reviewed his feeling about being chosen as Luca on the stage by saying, “I first thought it was bad surprise when I heard that I could play Luca’s voice actor for Japanese version. I was so happy because I love Pixar movies!”.

The special guest Miki then appeared on the stage, and Kousei, who is the older brother of Aki and a big Pixar fan, commented, “It was summer when my younger brother Aki was nominated for the voice actor in ‘Lion King’. It was so exciting for me back in that summer”.

Kousei continued, “Abe-kun and Ikeda-kun are completely the same with Luca and Albert.! I first thought that the characters were inspired by the voice actors”, and Aki replied “As an upperclassman, I would like to comment that you passed the test” as the senior Disney voice actor.
Kousei reacted, “be quiet!”, but Ikeda seemed to happily accept the comment that “I am glad to hear that from upperclassman”.

In the promotion, it was said that this movie is set in the ocean world and human world, where the story, which reminds every audience of “that summer”, will be held…and Kousei revealed his memories in childhood with Aki that “Aki and I remember that summer memory that we spent together, after seeing Luca and Albert. It is partly sad, sometimes funny, and it was emotional”.

Also in the event, there were the programs to enjoy “Water gun water melon break game” for summer and celebration of Abe and Ikeda’s birthdays, which was in June. Director Elinco Casarosa commented, “Kanon-kun, and Yuuto-kun, happy birthday” in Japanese.

Moreover, the colored paper with the director’s original illustrations and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” written on it, and flowers imaging Luca and Albert by Miki were given. Abe commented “I don’t know what to say” and Ikeda reacted, “this is the unforgettable event like the one in ‘LUCA’”.

Lastly, Abe and Ikeda delivered comments to those going to watch the movie in the future; Abe commented, “This movie is all about Luca and Albert’s friendship. This is so moving, so please watch it”, and Ikeda continued, “This movie is a good work to watch, since the relationship between human and sea monsters and so on are depicted, which are perfect for this season. I want people from various age and group to watch this”.

“LUCA” is currently available exclusively at “Disney Plus”.

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