It was decided that the broadcast of TV anime series “Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater” will be postponed from ep. 4 onward
The production committee announced, “Because of the spread of novel coronavirus infection, we will postpone the broadcast.”

According to this announcement, normal broadcasting and distribution will be performed up to 3 pre-made ep., and broadcasting and distribution for ep. 4 onward will be postponed.

The Umino High School Teibou Club (the “Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater” production committee) said, “We are very sorry to everyone who is looking forward to the broadcasting and distribution, but we kindly ask for your understanding and patience for a while. While considering the safety of staff and cast, we will do our best to deliver better works. Thank you for your support.”

Broadcasting and distribution of ep.4 onward will be announced on the official website and official Twitter as soon as the schedule will be decided.
It also was decided to postpone the release of CD singles and BD / DVDs.

In this work, high school student Tsurugi Nagisa, who moved to a village near the sea, met his senior, Kuroiwa Yuki, and joined the “Teibou Club”. It depicts the joy of fishing while surrounded by members with strong personalities.

The new release date for TV anime “Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater” CD single / BD / DVD series.

OP / ED theme “SEA HORIZON / To the world of fishing”
New release date: Jul. 22, 2020
※ Distribution starts from Apr. 29

(C) Kosaka Yasuyuki (Akita Shoten) / Umino High School Teibou Club