The long-awaited season 2 of the TV anime “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X” (hereinafter, Hamefura X) has been started in July. This time, in addition to Uchida Maaya who plays the main character Catarina, we at Anime!Anime! also interviewed Okasaki Miho who plays Mary Hunt, Catarina’s love rival.
In this article, we will deliver an interview with Uchida Maaya, who plays Catarina.

Uchida-san said that in season 2, Catarina, who overcame the “all routes” in season 1, was careful not to become too quiet. Meanwhile, she said for episode 1 of season 2, “I am ready to play Catarina.” Maybe she decided to play ”the inner Catarina”…? We talked about various things.

[Interview / text: Anime! Anime! Editorial department Photo: Ohara Souta]

To make the “Catarina-ness” stand out more
ーーSeason 2 has finally started. Please tell us the highlights or something interesting about episode 1 of season 2.

Uchida: Jabbering “Hamefura” is back! The point is that you can see the depth beyond the world where Catarina lives.

I would like you to see what will happen to Catarina and others later, after the released PV. This work is suitable for the words “with tears and laughter”, so please look forward to it!
Was there any unique about the recording sessions for the season 2? Please tell us anything that you remember, from about yourself up to anything memorable about others.

Since the actors have experienced season 1, I thought the reaction from the direction booth was very important. I tried my best to “make any words from the direction booth real”, rather than hoping that the direction would make the acting better.If the reaction of the Kameyama sound directors was good, I was doing a gut pose in my heart, saying “OK!”. While everyone was working intensively, I relied on the laughter that I heard leaking out. It’s a very nice place for bright laughter.

ーーI think that Catarina, played by Uchida-san, really changed after everything happened in season 1. Is there anything particular about performing in season 2 comparing with season 1?

Uchida: Catarina, who overcame the “dead end” in season 1, was careful not to become too quiet. After that, I was hoping that the explosive feelings or and interesting parts of season 1 will become more refreshing in season 2. I hope to make stand out more a new side of Catarina, which is not like her.

Catarina has a lot of things to perform, and in season 2, all the cast members couldn’t get together to do recording, so the point was how to play the fun that comes from the interactions. It was difficult.

What would you do if you play a new “Inner Catarina”?
ーーPlease tell us about episodes and lines that made the most influence on your character in season 1. Also, please explain the reason.

Uchida: The story of Acchan was very impressive. I think scenes of farewell to her previous life or of Catarina trying to go toward the future were memorable.

“Hamefura” is a so-called “reincarnation anime”, and it is the world of “FORTUNE LOVER” with that premise, so there was a farewell scene that Catarina could decide to live in this world. I think it was a very important scene for Catarina to come back to where everyone was waiting.
Apart from that, the large amount of dialogue in one episode left a strong impression on me (laughs).

After episode1, I was determined to play Catarina, I felt like “I’ll do it!”

ーーSpeaking of “Hamefura”, Catarina’s brain meeting is a special thing. I think it’s a rare case to play various different personalities of the same character, how have you managed it?

Uchida: Actually, there were people who referred to Catarina 5, and I was wondering what kind of character I should go with during the dubbing of season 1, but I also wondered how bearish Catarina would with that person. I’ve been fleshing out more and more from the cast’s plays, and now I have Catarina 5. It’s up to you to imagine who hit which Catarina!

ーーBy the way, do you have a personality that you would like to play like this, assuming that you can create a new inner Catarina? Please tell us the reason.

Uchida: Right… It’s like Snufkin. I’m holding it diagonally, but I like Catarina, who says an important word when it happens, and everyone reacts, “That’s it!”.

ーーIn this project, we are also interviewed Okasaki Miho. What kind of person is Okasaki-san from Uchida-san’s point of view? Please let tell us about any memorable moments.

Uchida: Since we are from the same office, we’ve met a lot, so I feel that she is growing very much. I really like the way how those two collide with each other through trial and error, and I want to help them because there is a part that overlaps with me.
I’m on good terms with Matsuoka-kun, and while having that kind of friendliness, I think it’s nice to be able to express opinions without hesitation. I want her to grow bigger and bigger from now on.

One of the most striking events was that I brought clothes that I didn’t wear in the office, and at that time I brought them first (laughs). During this time, the clothes may come to the scene and my hobbies may match, so I hope that I will absorb various things from me.

ーーAt last, could you please leave a message for readers?

Uchida: I’m thrilled because it’s season 2 which I’ve been waiting for. Both OP and ED are cool, and it is done in “Hamefura” style, and I think it would be great if you will look forward to the characters to appear one after another and the story developing.

Not only the Giords but also each of Catarina 5 is doing their best. Maybe not only Catarina 5 but also the characters I play will increase (laughs). Please look forward to it.