Characters with various appearance characteristics and attributes such as “glasses”, “cowlick”, “chemo ears”, “thick eyebrows”, and “forehead” constantly appear in anime.
Among those qualities, the one you see every day is “jagged teeth”. It is strongly connected with a shark’s image and gives a violent look, but sometimes it stole fans’ hearts by the gap with the looks and personality.

In this article, we will introduce the “Girls with Jagged Teeth” that appeared in recent works, starting from “Jagged Teeth Girls”.

Twin Turbo “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2”
“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” is an anime series based on the media mix content “Uma Musume” presented by Cygames.
It depicts the “Uma Musume” girls who were born to run with a brilliant name and racing ability inherited from another world.

The Twin Turbo that appears in “Season 2” is a “Jagged Teeth Girl” who belongs to the team “Canopus”.
She has a lot of energy in her small body, and she often gives others a headache when she gets out of control instinctively(?) as if she were a child.
However, with an innocence that impossible to hate, straight purity, and a strong heart that won’t give up, there are probably many people who were inspired by her in episode 10 “No Matter How Many Times I Lose” and wanted to call her a “master”.

Frederica Baumann from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” Season 2
In “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”, a boy Subaru Natsuki, who was suddenly summoned to a different world, gained the power of “returning from dead” to rewind time after dying. An another world summoning fantasy that confronts the harsh fate while resisting despair to protect loved ones.

Frederica, who appeared in season 2, is a maid “Girl with Jagged Teeth” who worked at Roswar House, a senior of Lamb and Rem.
In the Anime!Anime! previous survey “Who is your favorite character with jagged teeth?” she was ranked 3rd overall / 1st female ranking.

The description on the official website says, “A beautiful woman who is tall for a woman and has clear green eyes-but only if you hide her fangs”, but you can see her with a gentle personality and maid clothes when she laughs. It seems that many people are fascinated by the gap with the violent image of jagged teeth.

“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” Clara Valac
“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” is about Suzuki Iruma, a pitiful and friendly boy who was sold to the devil by his greedy parents and went to the devil school Babyls chaired by Sullivan, a great devil who buys him and loves him as a “grandson”. The demon school comedy follows his hectic life with his demon school friends.

Clara is the devil “Girl with Jagged Teeth” and a classmate of the main character Iruma from the devil school Babyls.
She has a cheerful, fun and innocent personality, but she is treated as an “eccentric” or a “rare beast” by her surroundings because she has a lot of crazy words and deeds and is completely restless and noisy.
She is attached to Iruma, who treats such a girl with great caution, but she secretly has a romantic feeling…? The gap of the maiden expression that peeks at very occasionally is irresistible.

Power “Chainsaw Man”
“Chainsaw Man” is a dark hero action story in which a boy Denji, who has a contract with “Chainsaw Devil”, fights against many demons as a devil hunter from public security.
The original manga was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and the cumulative circulation exceeded 11 million. It has been announced that the anime adaptation will be produced by MAPPA known for “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

In this work, Denji will team up with Power, a “Blood Demon” from “Public Security Demon Singularity Division 4”, who, despite being a liar, segregationist, and a ridiculous character who doesn’t flush the toilet, won first place in the “Chainsaw Man” 1st ranking pull and 3rd place in 2nd.
She also showed off her stunning jagged teeth in the recently released teaser PV, which also draws attention to her outrageous rampage in the main anime.
In addition, the main character, Denji, is also a magnificent “Boy with Jagged Teeth”.