Details about the pop-up shop “Chainsaw Man Big Godwill Exhibition” held from November 9, 2022, have been unveiled.

“Chainsaw Man” is based on a dark hero action written by Fujimot Tatsuki with the 1st part serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2018 to 2020, and the 2nd part from 2022. The comic has sold 20 million copies in circulation.
Denji is a Devil Hunter and working with Pochita, also known as “Chainsaw Devil”, to clear his parent’s debt. The story follows him suddenly becoming “Chainsaw Man” and playing a big role.

“Chainsaw ManBig Godwill Exhibition”, a pop-up shop of “Chainsaw Man”, is being held at baseyard tokyo. There is an exhibition of the anime setting materials of “Chainsaw Man” supervised by MAPPA. Furthermore, videos are playing on a huge screen and figures for sale will be displayed.

Merchandise with original illustrations for the pop-up shop are also available. Let’s collect the limited items such as “B2 Exhibition Poster”, “Trading Tin Badge (4 Varieties)”, “Trading Square Long Tin Badge (8 Varieties)”, “Trading Flame Magnet Mirror (8 Varieties)”, and “Art Card Set”.

For the “Chainsaw Man Big Godwill Exhibition” Limited Original Novelty, “Round 1:Chainsaw Man Big Godwill Exhibition KV Card” and “Round 2:Chainsaw Man Big Godwill Exhibition Original Card Set” will be sequentially available. 1 card will be given for every 2,000 JPY purchase.

The pop-up shop “Chainsaw Man Big Godwill Exhibition” is now being held from December 9.
“Chainsaw Man POP UP SHOP” is also held at Sendai PARCO Main Building 6F SPACE6 from December 9. Please visit it if you are neighbors.

(C)Fujimoto Tatsuki / Shueisha, MAPPA