The season 3 of the TV anime “Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” is confirmed. Along with this announcement, the comments from the original author Nishi Osamu and director Moriwaki Makoto have been released. Their thoughts on the latest development can be seen.

“Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun” is a fantasy on the Netherworld’s school that is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Champion” (Akita Shoten). It depicts the achievements and growth of the young human boy, Suzuki Iruma, who is the grandson of the powerful demon, Sullivan and is attending the Demon School, where Sullivan is the director.
The season 1 of the TV anime was broadcast from October 2019 to March 2020 while season 2 started broadcast in April 2021, and ended on episode 21 “The One Who Rules Over the Netherworld” that was broadcast on September 11.

Season 3 has been announced, and the latest development is about the Harvest Festival, a competition to secure the foods in the largest jungle of Netherworld.
Do check out the result of this battle that is filled with tremendous hand-to hand battles and schemes as all the classmate are rivals.

<Below are the full comments>

【Original Author: Nishi Osamu】
The season 3 for the anime Iruma-kun has been decided!! I’m extremely happy!!
Season 1 was fun and bright, season 2 was strangely passionate, so I am looking forward to what world we will see in season 3!
I will still shout in front of the TV—–Bachikon!!

【Director: Moriwaki Makoto】
Season 3 will depict the start of the new semester that was ended in season 2. And the latest trial is the “Harvest Festival”! The points are obtained by collecting food at the large sea of tree.
Each of the members of the Abnormal Class will be accompanied by a unique master. New rivals with powerful magic will appear as well as some strange characters, who are difficult to identify as the rival characters or not.
Huh, Iruma is going to the next stage?? Huh, Azz and Clara are taking separate actions?? Do not miss out on this as well as do look forward to it!

(C)Nishi Osamu (Akita Shoten)/ NHK, NEP