A gal manga “GALS!!” and a gal fashion brand “CECIL McBEE” have collaborated for the first time, to release apparel .

In the final episode of “GALS!!”, which was broadcast on June 29, Honda Mami appeared as a store manager at CECIL McBEE Shibuya. Kotobuki Ran, Kotobuki(Yamazaki) Miyu, and Hoshino Aya also came to support her, and they were dressed up in the latest items.

The design of the new arrivals, Kotobuki Ran’s Leopard Inner Sets, Kotobuki(Yamazaki) Miyu’s Tunic Dress with Lace, and other items, were supervised by CECIL McBEE and Fujii Mihona, the author of “GALS!!”.

The items, actually worn by the 4 characters, are on-sale. In addition to them, 2 varieties of comfortable T-shirts, featuring the illustrations and lines in the manga, will be released in different sizes. A tote bag with CECIL McBEE’s old logo will also be lined up as one of the collaboration items.

As a purchase bonus, the characters’ business cards and CECIL McBEE’s novelty items will also be given, so the fans definitely should check them out.
Besides the collaboration items, a postcard, mug, and other everyday items, featuring “GALS!” and “GALS!!”‘s illustrations, are now available for pre-order.

The delighted author, Fuji Mihona, commented “This collaboration is still like a dream, and I’m glad that I have kept loving CECIL!!”.

The first collaboration items between “GALS!!” and “CECIL McBEE” are now on-sale on “Animate Online”. From July 9, 2021, these items will also be sold at SHIBUYA 109 for a limited period.

Fujii Minaho’s Comments
CECIL McBEE has been my favorite fashion brand for a long time. When I was interviewed by SHIBUYA 109 in 2019, I was asked a question “What is your favorite fashion brand?”, and I swore, “I’ve loved CECIL McBEE for a long time!”.
I purchased some CECIL McBEE items in the late 1990s for the first time, and since then until 2020, CECIL McBEE has really helped me out. I can always find the perfect clothes for me, and the shop staff is always kind enough to teach me some industry-specific terms and have a nice conversation with me.
Now in 2021, I can collaborate with CECIL McBEE, which is filled with memories. This collaboration is still like a dream, and I’m glad that I have kept loving CECIL!! Please enjoy the dream-like collaboration between GALS!! and CECIL McBEE!!

Detailes about “GALS!!” X CECIL McBEE Collaboration Items

■GALS!! X CECIL McBEE Kotobuki Ran’s Leopard Inner Set
Price: 13,200 JPY (incl. tax)

Fujii Mihona’s Comments:
This leopard set is perfect for both a cool style and gal-style coordination, which really matches the image of Ran!
The set can be worn in a jumpsuit style by putting the camisole in the pants. You can also enjoy more varieties of styles by coordinating it with various accessories, shoes, and jackets♪
I recommend that you wear it with a mods coat to add some more accents in the fall, or you wear it with a jacket and pumps to make it look cool!

■GALS!! X CECIL McBEE Kotobuki(Yamazaki) Miyu’s Tunic Dress with Lace
Price: 13,200 JPY (incl. tax)

Fujii Mihona’s Comments:
The tunic dress with refreshing and gentle mint green matches Miyu’s image well!
It is suitable for wearing by itself in a girly style, or coordinating it with pants in a casual style♪
The mint color goes well with brown and white based colors as well as a white-colored or denim style item, so please choose your favorite jeans, hats, boots, and sneakers with it!

■GALS!! X CECIL McBEE Hoshino Aya’s Irregular Hem Stripe Dress
Price: 13,200 JPY (incl. tax)

Fujii Mihona’s Comments:
The dress with a design of pale salvia blue and a stripe pattern perfectly matches Aya’s lovely and cool image♪ A dress with an irregular hem is cute, as it softly flutters when you walk. This item is perfect for your work, date, and casual occasion. I also recommend that you coordinate it with a jacket and cardigan for a modest style, or with a denim jacket and sneakers for a casual style♪

■GALS!! X CECIL McBEE Honda Mami’s Floral Pattern Jumpsuits
Price: 13,200 JPY (incl. tax)

Fujii Mihona’s Comments:
This item is the elegant and cool jumpsuits with floral patterns, which perfectly recreates Mamirin’s image.
A frill on the shoulder, a hemline with a good amount of volume, and a ribbon belt, will make your coordination look even more fantastic♪
The design is also great for a date and resort stay. I recommend that you coordinate it with a dark-colored jacket in the fall to blend a cute and cool style.

(C)Fujii Mihona / Shueisha