Square Enix has launched a mixed-media project called “Deep Insanity”. They have announced plans to unfold the story through TV animation, manga, and games. The TV animation “Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD” is planned to start from October 2021.

“Deep Insanity” is a new form of a project in which the stories set in the same world develop in different timelines respectively through TV animation, manga, and a game.

It all started with an ordinary news that happened somewhere in the world. The news started to report about the people who keep sleeping and would not wake up. Reporters say the symptom is infectious. The “ordinary news” however, rapidly spread across the globe as an “emergency”, and the symptom was named “Randolph Syndrome”.

Meanwhile, civilians report one after another that they witnessed “odd-looking” human beings, and it appears that this phenomenon comes from a gigantic underground world that appeared in Antarctica, where a group of creatures that do not exist on earth and also unknown natural resources were found.

To cure the Randolph syndrome, and to make a million from genetic information of the creatures and the underground resources, people gaze into the abyss spread in front of them.

The TV animation “Deep Insanity THE LOST CHILD” centers on a young man challenging himself to the forefront of “Asylum,” a gigantic underground world that appeared in Antarctica. Whereas others head towards Asylum seeking for enormous wealth, to succeed in a conspiracy, or to achieve their own ambition, the young man comes to Asylum with a wish. SILVER LINK. is in charge of the animation, and the cast includes Hiro Shimono.

Also, the manga “Deep Insanity NIRVANA” is currently serialized on “Monthly BIG GANGAN.” The game “Deep Insanity ASYLUM” will be streamed in September 2021, and pre-registration is currently available. Yuuichirou Umehara will play a role in this game.

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『Deep Insanity NIRVANA』(C)Etorouji Shiono/SQUARE ENIX