Hayama Shota, a voice actor who plays Harai Kuko, who belongs to Nagoya Division’s “Bad Ass Temple” of “Hypnosis Mic- Division Rap Battle-“, and Hirono Ryota, an actor who plays Harai Kuko at ‘”Hypnosis Mic- Division Rap Battle” Rule the Stage’, appeared at ‘IVISION LEADER’S CROSS TALK’, which was streamed on ‘ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE’ from May 26, 2021. This was the “HypMic”‘s first talk session where a voice actor and an actor, who play the characters in charge of division , had a crosstalk and various sessions.

This program “DIVISION LEADER’S CROSS TALK 【Hayama Shota X Hirono Ryota】” began with their greeting, “Hi, we are glad to see you!”
They looked nervous at the opening. However, after Hayama mentioned Hirono’s first impression, saying “I had a face-to-face conversation with him, and I thought he was so cute”, Hirono replied to it, saying “I am just like my Hotoke-sama (usually means Buddha)”. In contrast with the tension, they are likely to be in sync.

After the opening, the session, where they talk about the stage, begins. They talk about Harai Kuko from their point of view, as a voice actor and an actor.
Hayama-san, who says that he saw the stage, praises Hirono’s act, saying “I could understand how Kuko was living his life without any trouble”. Hirono looks back on Hayama’s live-performance, saying “(Kuko played by Hayama was) Too amazing. I was shocked”.
Seeing their complementing each other while blushing, the fans left comments such as “How cute…!” and “Wonderful!”

Next comes “Questionnaire Question”, where they ask each other some questions, and they discuss the playing from their point of view.
They had a lively conversation about how they think about the character Kuko, what they keep in mind to play the character, and some influence Kuko brought in their daily life.
Speaking of “some influence Kuko brought in their daily life”, Hayama said “My language got worse”, and Hirono “I became to call myself ‘Sesso'”. They have something in common since their personalities were likely to be taken over by Koku.

Moreover, both of them express their love to Kuko in the sessions such as “teach and learn each other’s opinion and the way of playing to go higher as Harai Kuko”, and a quiz session where they fight with their pride for “playing Kuko”.
While sad comments such as “We are lacking time!” and “I don’t want you to end!” were being received, but the cross talk ended all too soon.
In the end, Hayama commented “I didn’t even expect that I could have such a precious occasion”, and Hayama commented “I didn’t anticipate such a chance to share our sense of values each other. I really appreciate that”, looking back on the first cross talk.

“DIVISION LEADER’S CROSS TALK 【Hayama Shota X Hirono Ryota】” is currently available on “ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE”. Please visit the streaming page for more detailed information.

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