The cosplayer Enako has appeared on the cover and head gravure of “Shounen Champion Issue 26” (Released on May 27, 2021).

The head gravure featured the photos from the collaboration photobook “Enako X BEASTARS Wild Kick” with “BEASTARS” that are released in advance.
Also, the magazine will come with a double-sided big poster “Enako X BEASTARTS Collaboration ver.” and a campaign that gives a limited QUO card to all applicants.

The “Shounen Champion Issue 26” featuring Enako on the cover and head gravure is priced at 320 JPY (tax included), and it was released on May 27, 2021.

This is a bit strange photobook with the theme of “Wild Kick”, an erotic photo book for the herbivore that appeared in “BEASTARS”. I believe this will be my first and last time to be involved with an erotic photo book (haha), so please buy it!

(C) Koike Shinichiro (Akita Shoten) 2021