The cosplayer Enako has appeared on the cover page of the weekly shounen magazine “Weekly Shounen Champion” Vol. 6 (released on January 7, 2021) as well as a Kanto gravure model. It contained collaboration cosplay gravure photos with “BEASTARS” that were shown during the broadcast of “Jounetsu Dairiku”.

The head article is 13-pages long and it will contain swimsuit gravure photos as well as the collaboration cosplay photo with “BEASTARS”. She has also tried a delusion cosplay based on the herbivore porn book “Wild Kick”, including “Nure Nure Rabbit” (Wet Rabbit).
The magazine also contains a tremendous double-sided big poster, a special campaign for QUO card applicants, and other extravagant contents.

On the same magazine, the anticipated serialization of Itagaki Paru, “BEAST COMPLEX” based on “BEASTARS”, has started.
To commemorate the start of “BEAST COMPLEX” and the release of the final volume, volume 22 of “BEASTARS” (released on January 8), a present campaign will be held, where 100 people will be given a special changeable cover set of the two works.

“Weekly Shounen Champion” Vol. 6 is priced at 320 JPY (tax included) and it is currently on sale.

I am very glad that I was given a chance to handle the first issue of the year!! I will do my best so that I will have many appointments this year (heart)
As this volume will consist of the collaboration with my favorite “BEASTARS”, do look forward to it♪ Nure Nure Rabbit (haha)