The Movie ”Otoppe: Papa Don’t Cry”, a movie of “Otoppe” which has been aired since 2017 with the theme of “listening carefully to determine the truth,” will be released on October 15, 2021. Along with the anouncement to release the film, comments have arrived from the cast, including Chiba Susumu, Kohara Konomi and others.

“Otoppe” is a story about Sheena, who aims to become the world’s best DJ, and the strange creatures born from sound, “Otoppe,” their strange everyday lives, based on the theme of “listening carefully to determine the truth” to the sounds around them. The catchy songs and dances played on the program are also popular, and the number of views of related videos has exceeded 150 million, boasting a wide range of popularity from children to adults.

The main character of the film is Otoppe Windy. She meets a mysterious baby Otoppe Rill, and together with everyone in Otoppe Town, they get into a big, slapstick ruckus. Windy’s cousin, the westerly Otoppe Westy, is also very active. This is a musical film full of fun songs that will bring smiles to children and adults alike.
In addition to the many new characters that appear in this musical film, familiar characters from the TV series will also appear on screen to stimulate the story.

The eight cast members who play the Otoppe from the TV series, including Chiba Susumu, Kiuchi Hidenobu, Watanabe Akeno, Kirii Daisuke, Kohara Konomi, Oyama Takanori, Asano Mayumi, and Shida Arisa, have commented on their delight at the film adaptation.

The movie “Otoppe: Papa Don’t Cry” will be released nationwide on October 15, 2021.

<The full text of the comments is below>
Chiba Susumu as Metaruku/Graston
Finally, Otoppe has become a movie. It stirs many emotions in me when I imagine everyone watching the Otoppe characters come out of the screen. Of course, since it’s Otoppe, there will be lots of sound!
There will be wonderful songs, excitement, and laughter. I’m sure the whole family will be satisfied. Speaking of wonderful, when I heard the voice of Minister Lalalatta, played by Saito Takumi, I thought he was really cool. Stay tuned♪

Kiuchi Hidenobu as Wood Wood/Framey/Booklano
I’m very happy because I never thought that a five-minute morning and evening program would be made into a movie!
Thanks to everyone’s support, thank you very much! The movie is also full of fun friends and fun sounds, so please stay tuned!

Watanabe Akeno as Mortaron/Manesky
Otoppe is is going to be a movie!! I’m so happy!! I’m so, so happy!! In addition to the usual friends, we have some very gorgeous guests…! I’m looking forward to seeing the complete version too!! I can’t wait to see it! This movie has the usual Otoppe’s style, of course, but this time it’s going to be heartbreaking… Oh, no, I can’t tell you…!! I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did, singing and laughing along with me, moving your heart a lot. “Broloons! Everyone! Until I see you at the theater, be full of energy and wait for it! Broooon!”

Kirii Daisuke as Pepperano/Potrain
“Congrats to the movie adaption perarincho♪” So, I’m happy to see both Pepperano and Potrain in the movie! This time, I’m secretly bursting with some improvisations in various scenes, so please look forward to them.
Just between you and me, during a break in the recording, I was looking at Inagaki Kurumi with a smile, who played Lil, as she drew a portrait of Windy, as if she were Potrain. She was pretty good at it…
Papa Don’t Cry!
Bring the whole family to see it♪

Kohara Konomi as Wotta
My name is Kohara Konomi and I play Wotta.
Otoppe has become a movie! And a musical? There are a lot of new characters in this movie, and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun for a lot of children♪ Will Wotta sing, and will Windy be a dad?
I hope you’ll join us and enjoy the world of Otoppe! Thank you!

Ohyama Takanori as Door Morrison/Windy’s Dad
I’m looking forward to seeing Sheena, Windy and the others in action on the big screen of a movie theater!
My character, Windy’s Dad, sings in the movie, and the other characters also sing a lot in the mayhem that befalls Otoppa Town! I’m sure it’s going to be a fun movie, with colorful images and fun songs to color in the activities of Windy and his friends!
Please come to the theater and see Windy and his friends get out of a jam!

Asano Mayumi as Katton/Hee Hee/Lulu
On the way home from a festival back in the day, I remembered the pleasant vibrations I felt in my dream state while being carried by my father.
Do you put mayonnaise on takoyaki? My name is Mayumi Asano, and I put mayonnaise on it.
The movie “Otoppe: Papa Don’t Cry” is an exciting musical that will lightly take you out of the usual town. We live in a world where there are many things we can’t call them even, but “you could become an adult if you care too much♪” I hope it makes you warm and you enjoy it.
To children of the world, and to those who used to be children

Shida Arisa as Hanabeeto
The Otoppe!! On the big screen!! In a feature film extremely powerful! I was so excited to see what kind of amazing story this is going to be. There are so many scenes that make your heart warm, as well as rhythmical and funny scenes! The unique characters are also active in the movie.
Please come to the movie theater! Please immerse yourself in a world full of sound, wonder, and bonds!

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