“Otoppe”, a program for kids that has been broadcast for five years, will be released as a musical movie for the first time. The title will be “Otoppe Movie: Papa Don’t Cry”, and it will be released this fall. The trailer and visual have been revealed as well.

”Otoppe” is a program for kids that depicts the funny life of Shina, who wants to become a top DJ in the world, and “Otoppe”, mysterious creatures that were born out of sound, under the theme of “listening observation”.
The catchy songs and dances that are in the program are also popular, and the related videos have recorded over 150 million views. The program receives support from both children and adults.

The protagonist of “Otoppe Movie: Papa Don’t Cry” is Otoppe Windy, known as the laziest wind in the Otoppe Town.
Windy names a baby, who appears out of nowhere and resembles himself, “Lil (provisional)”, and brings her up.
Even though Windy struggles with a regular life and taking care, he gradually reaches out to her. However, Lil has some secret…

Iguchi Yuka will play Windy, Kuno Misaki will play DJ Shina, Nishijima Hidetoshi will play Westy, and Inagaki Kuremi, who was chosen on the audition, will play a mysterious baby Otoppe Lil. The director is Ushiku Takashi, the scenario will be handled by Mukouda Kunihiko, and the music will be handled by Yoshida Isao.

“Otoppe Movie: Papa Don’t Cry” will be released in the fall of 2021.

Iguchi Yuka as Windy
FInally, Otoppe will be released as a movie! And it will be a musical!! Byu-byu-!!?? Is the protagonist Windy!!!? Byu wa-!!!!! I am surprised and excited at the same time! It has been broadcast for five years, and I am so glad. Thank you very much. I will play Windy, who is very expressive, blowing around, and pleasing everyone, with all of my effort. I hope everyone becomes full of smiles after watching the movie. There will be many songs that you cannot help hamming! Please look forward to it!

Kuno Misaki as Shina
I have been recording, hoping that many children watch Otoppe, so I am so glad that it will be released as a movie. I am already excited to see Windy performing. I hope a lot of people get to know Otoppe through this movie.

Inagaki Kuremi as Lil
When I watched ‘Otoppe’ on TV when I was six years old, I immediately became a fan of the songs, and sang ‘Uki-Uki Otoppe’ many times. I learned that different things had different sounds, and I looked for Otoppe in my house using an app. I was thinking what kind of sound each thing makes, and surprised to listen to some of them for the first time. I wanted to go to Otoppe Town, and I am so glad that my dream will come true as Lil-chan. I am really excited. I love the songs of Otoppe as I cannot help singing them once I hear them. I cannot wait to watch the movie in the theater.

Nishijima Hidetoshi as Westy
Otoppe will finally become a movie! I am so glad. How is the adventure of the characters going to be with their unique worldview? It will be a great work for sure. I will try with all my effort so that kids can enjoy the wonderful movie.

Ushiku Takashi as the Director
I have been involved in Otoppe through scenario writing and ending for the TV series, and YouTube videos. I am glad and very nervous to be a director of this movie. As we are in a difficult time, we will make our best effort more than ever to create a cheerful, enjoyable, but sometimes mysterious musical movie, being true to Otoppe. Please look forward to it!

(C)2021 ‘Otoppe Movie: Papa Don’t Cry’ Production Committee
(C)MHK / Otoppe Machi Yakuba