From the TV anime “Zombieland Saga: Revenge”, the outline and scenes from Episode 8 “Saga Jihen Sono Ichi” (The Saga Incident, Part One), have been released.

“Zombieland Saga: Revenge” is the 2nd season of “Zombieland Saga, a zombie idol anime in which seven legendary girls, who have been brought back as “zombies” by the mysterious idol producer Tatsumi Koutarou, strive as the local idol group “Franchouchou” to save Saga prefecture.

Episode 8 is titled “Saga Jihen Sono Ichi”.
Six years have passed since Saga disappeared. Soon, people will start to forget about its existence. Saga will truly die. I have to revive it. Now is the time to take action.

That’s when I met that person who told me that my aspiration was wonderful. Living in a different world was trivial.
――――― A Certain Man’s Diary from the “Saga Prefectural Museum”

TV anime “Zombieland Saga: Revenge” Episode 8 “Saga Jihen Sono Ichi” is broadcast on Tokyo MX on May 27, 2021.
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