From “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” comes a brand new illustration for the Blu-ray purchase bonus, featuring Junko playing an electric guitar, Ai in a waitress costume, and the members of Franchouchou in swimsuits playing at the beach.

There are six illustrations in total, including Junko playing the electric guitar in the much talked about “Gekkou Survive” in Episode 4, and Ai in her original waitress costume.

There are also illustrations of Sakura, Saki, and Tae livening up their performance with towels, and Franchouchou in swimsuits playing at the beach in summer.

The TV anime “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” is currently airing on TOKYO MX and other stations every Thursday at 0:00 am.
The Blu-ray ‘Zombie Land Saga Revenge’ will be released on June 25.

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